29 July 2005

What can I say?

It's been a while since I last blogged. I was feeling a little off for the past two weeks. Between a migraine, the usual female complaint, and the horrifyingly hot weather, I had nothing positive on my mind. So I'll stick to a brief rundown today.

1- I went to the Buttercup Bake Shop for the first time this week. On entering, one must pass through a thick red curtain, which looks a lot like the red velvet cupcake I ate. It was a real treat. Pure sweet heaven. And it was the perfect size - you don't overindulge if you have just one. The icing was a little too much, but not in a blorg way. Next time I will try the lemon cupcake, perhaps with some Darjeeling tea.

2- A brief comment on the weather. Today we enjoyed mild summer temperatures in New York. Warmth is never a bad thing, but extreme heat (90 plus degrees) and humidity does not a happy Gata make. Besides the fact that my favorite exercise regiment, walking, is severely curtailed, the whole sweat factory is extremely unsavory. All of a sudden my wardrobe shrinks to maybe five garments I could comfortably wear. I am happy today, though. I feel breezy even in a long sleeved wrap dress. Wish it could stay this way.

3- Target stores are selling cosmetic items from Boots. I'm suddenly liking Target.


14 July 2005

The Empire Strikes Back

Starbucks, the undisputed World Emperor of Coffee, is now embracing the joys of Green Tea. Now on offer is a green tea Frappucino (don't know if spelling is correct) and it is not bad. Even my younger sister who is not a big fan of green tea was taken by it. Of course, it is super sweet and highly caffeinated. I had one right before leaving work yesterday evening and practically flew home. Even better, I didn't have a queasy stomach like I usually do from most items at Starbucks. So I guess I recommend it. It will be especially fun to have when I'm hanging out at Barnes and Noble (I am an unabashed book nerd, but I also love perusing the magazines.) So far it is called Limited Edition, but so was the J Crew jacket my sister bought last year (also green), and it was in the stores for over 6 months. It's really cute on her, so it was worth it.

13 July 2005

What's my stand?

I love animals, but I'm not a vegetarian. I wear leather shoes and bags, but I don't eat beef (usually). I hate cruelty to animals, but force whoever is nearby to kill any waterbug or cockroach that crosses my path. Hunting for anything other than necessary food I consider a nasty pastime, but I congratulate my cat when he catches a mouse or insect. I won't touch him until he cleans up, though - blood! ew!

I guess this makes me pretty normal.

07 July 2005

Terrible Morning

Today's morning news was in such stark contrast to yesterday's. Wednesday morning I awoke to find, to no disappointment at all, that New York lost their Olympic bid and London would be the host in 2012. Since I'm not into the Olympics or nationalism at all, I just thought it was nice to see the celebration at Trafalgar Square: it is one of my favorite spots in London.

This morning I turn on the TV and see absolute horror. Somehow my sadness was intensified when I realized that I'd been to all the underground stations that were attacked - it was some kind of personal attachment I guess. But besides my own renewed fear of commuting to Manhattan daily, I really feel bad that London has to go through all this - WWII was bad enough! But this is the world we are living in right now.