31 December 2007

Knit NY

This is a tearoom review of sorts - in the cafe category anyway. I went with Pam and her nieces to Knit NY on East 14th Street. We each had a cup of tea/coffee and relaxed in this knitter's paradise.
Yes, if you love knitting, you will love this place. You are surrounded by enough balls of yarn to make a cat swoon, and there's samples of knit work for inspiration, magazines and books about knitting for ready reference, and an immaculately clean bathroom (I had to mention this - it's always a plus in every establishment.)
I for one was happy to see the variety of teas on offer, all from Serendipitea. There's plenty of coffee, and iced teas from Teany, so it's covered in the beverage category. There were candy types of snacks on display (which I almost mistook for the knitting accessories), but I didn't see any other kinds of food. The website lists a number of things, like bagels, so I guess I should have asked.
They offer knitting lessons, private as well as group, but I thought it was kind of steep. Then again, the whole idea of a knitting cafe is one of luxury, so I shouldn't complain.
So, if knitting's your thing, you'll have a nice time. Be prepared to stay for a while if you order tea - the large cups take a long time to cool. The staff is friendly, which is always a plus. If you're not into knitting, come with a knitting friend - and a book. If you're alone and you're not a fan of knitting, there are many cafes/tearooms around the 14th Street/Irving Plaza/Union Square/East Village area to try first.

25 December 2007

Cruising Down Memory Lane

Time is a very strange thing. Some events in my life seem like centuries ago, and it could have been something that happened this very year. Other memories seem frighteningly recent...you know the phrase, "it seems like just yesterday"...but it really occurred a while back.

I had that odd feeling when I realized it's been ten years since I first saw "Titanic" in the theatre. What? How can that be? I remember exactly how I felt, and how worked up I got every time I heard the Celine Dion song on the radio. I even bought a "Heart of the Ocean" replica necklace. I ended up watching the movie three more times in the theatre before holding on for the video release.

Hang on a minute. The video release. That's right. I bought the VHS version. I bought it in the Borders in the World Trade Center. I was still a travel agent.

As for the theatre, the one on 30th Avenue and Steinway Street? That hasn't been there in quite some time. Cherann was there the first time I saw that movie, and she hasn't been in New York for over five years. My father came with me to the third or fourth theatre visit, and he's been gone over a year. Marie and I (and others who would kill me if I mentioned their names) used my brand new camcorder to reenact scenes from the movie. I haven't used that camcorder in over four years. Huh.

I had the same cold feeling when I heard the Spice Girls were reuniting. Wow. They've really, um, grown up. (Have I?) They have kids of their own.

So I guess it doesn't really seem like yesterday, when I start listing all the changes of the past decade. Still, though now I roll my eyes at my intense fascination at that time for all things Titanic (I don't get emotional over that song anymore, though I still quite admire both Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio for their acting skills), I can't say I'm ashamed. I was one of many, and it's not like I was drooling over the boy bands or anything.

Memories are fun when you don't obsess over them, and I'll never let go....(there, I said it.)

06 December 2007

The "I Have Issues" Post

I don't try to delve into my personal life too much here, because I spend far too much time doing so in my written journals, to the detriment of quality. I just thought, for once, being that it was sort of brought to my attention this week, I'd open up the psyche and spill. Don't worry, it won't be a long ride.

I have certain problems with doing things on command. I don't mean so much at work - one steels oneself to taking on tasks when bills need to be paid. But when I speak of doing something, it's not so much work on a manual level. I am rarely requested to help out with physical labor. It's the creative, thoughtful things that concern me. For instance, I was asked to help out with essay questions recently. All I did was look at the list and my head began to spin - along with the words on the page. How could I make myself concentrate on appropriate answers to these questions? I couldn't; not in the space of time I was given. The sad thing was that some of the questions were quite interesting, and possibly good subjects to use for posts here. At the moment when my answers were needed, though, I was found wanting.

Am I so horrible for coming up short this way? I obviously enjoy writing - I always have. I seem to recall, though, that I didn't do as well as I should have in my own school essays either. This is probably why I've never accepted a job path in journalism, or similar careers. I even had trouble as a travel agent. When asked about locations or hotels that I had no interest in, my poor clients hit a brick wall and had to go elsewhere. It's one of the reasons that particular job didn't last long.

Is this a personality flaw, laziness, or something else? I wish I knew. All I do know is that if I don't care enough about a topic I cannot summon enthusiasm or bring myself to focus on it in any way. This narrow mindedness is one of my greatest shortcomings.

28 November 2007

A Thank You Post

I've been really awful at sending thank-you cards lately, and I've got plenty of reasons to do so. So many friends and family members have been thoughtful in little and massive ways, and I rarely show my appreciation in earnest.

Today I thought I'd send a brief thank-you to Bonnie for an extremely helpful tool I needed for baking. As someone she and I both know would say, "there's cake in your future." Well, cookies, scones, treacle, and much more included as well.

Gracious me!
(Bubuck's picture included as a laugh because he has the same expression I tend to have in many photos.)

16 November 2007

It's what inside that counts

So I made my first Treacle Pudding. This has been a favorite of mine since I first tried some at Tea and Sympathy. It's super sweet, and a little goes a long way. I've wanted to make it for some time, especially since I got the T & S book with recipes. Since I've been on this baking binge I decided to give it a go.

It came out very well. The only problem is that it looks kind of bloopy One side of it is slightly dented looking. I don't feel bad about that - it's supposed to have a spongy pudding consistency. It's just not something I'd present on the table at afternoon tea. It has to be served separately. Never mind - I could eat it all myself! Don't expect any pictures of my latest production, though.

It was so hard to find the golden syrup to go with it - I ended up looking at the fancy grocery stores on the Upper East Side two weeks ago. It's pricey - $5 for a small can. It might be more worth it in future to simply visit Tea & Sympathy instead.

The house has that baking smell.

01 November 2007


I know this post has nothing to do with Zenobia, but how can I resist?
I visited the Arthur Brown pen shop this week. Why haven't I been there before? I've worked nearby for years. I guess in Midtown, you can't hit every store...not to mention how often one closes and another opens. It's futile to try to keep track of everything. Still, I'm glad I dropped by during my lunch hour.

This place is pen heaven. Every possible pen you can imagine - fountain, ballpoint, calligraphy, astronaut - it's here. All the inks of every color I could possibly want could be found within their walls. There's stationery, photo albums, stickers (yes Bonnie, you must drop by!), calenders, and journals. I was almost overwhelmed...but not quite. They had journals, yes, but not the unlined kind that I've come to prefer. Well, they may have had one or two in the Moleskine section, but nothing that I felt needed to come home with me.

I'll be back, of course. One can never have too many pens! Oh, and they have pen fairs - apparently I just missed one!

21 October 2007

Victoria's Return

So I finally received my Victoria magazine. It's been over 4 years in coming, so of course I was excited to see its glossy cover peeking at me through the mailbox. Of course, I wasn't extremely pleased with the Christmas tree on its cover, and the fact that holiday articles take up a great deal of the November/December issue, but I'm sure I'm in the minority with the other readers. After all, it was Queen Victoria herself who, through her marriage to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg, popularized the Christmas tree in England and beyond. I guess Prince Albert was to Christmas trees as Catherine of Braganza was to tea.

Holiday gripes aside, it was nice welcoming Victoria back into my home, after so many years of change and growing. There's an article about antique clothing, and one about a writer who prefers old-fashioned instruments of writing to the more technological methods of nowadays. This article especially appealed to me: even though I write often using my laptop (hence, this blog,) I always enjoy sitting down to a journal of fine paper and a fountain pen for my personal journaling. I sort of miss writing letters via post, too. The magazine's the same, down to the calling cards section and the complicated recipes.

I'm feeling cozy all of a sudden.

12 October 2007

The Golden Age? Not of History!

I went to see the new movie about Queen Elizabeth - or should I say the Cate Blanchett sequel. I like Ms. Blanchett, and her portrayal of the Virgin Queen. I love a good costume drama, too. I just need to keep my Historical Accuracy Hat at the door.

Throughout the duration of the movie, I kept wanting to look around the audience and ask, "you do know that's not really what happened right? Where is Robert Dudley or the Cecils? Why all the focus on Raleigh?" (not that Clive Owen is difficult on the eyes, but my head throbbed with all the historical incorrectness.)

It's like someone took the Elizabethan timeline and mixed it up a bit. Well, a lot. I'm sure it made the story all the more interesting to the unknowing viewers, but anyone who's read at least one biography of the first Queen Elizabeth would have a really hard time getting past the loose ends. Not to mention the annoying astrologer scenes - they really could have done without that.

I would recommend this movie to those who are not perfectionists about facts while watching a "historical" movie, the way I'd recommend "Becoming Jane" to all the folks who think the newest "Pride and Prejudice" was faithful to Austen's most famous novel.

Can't help but love the costumes, though.

11 October 2007

Down But Not Out

I really need to focus on one thing at a time - and to realize that I can't fly. I know I certainly can roll - ungracefully down the 59th Street subway stairs. My shoe decided to stay behind and the rest of me went down. Thankfully nothing was broken, more like pulled. I guess this week my Jane Austen character is Marianne Dashwood, minus Willoughby. Still, I need to wear sneakers for the next couple of weeks, and not take long walks in the cool weather. Of course it's better than crutches. The bonus is I have my very own x-rays of my left foot, at least one of them. Because of needing the x-rays, my heel spur has been confirmed - told you guys I wasn't being a drama queen hypochondriac!

Just in time for autumn, Panera Bread opened in LIC, a walking distance from my home (well, a bus ride for the next couple of weeks.) I got to have lunch there today, and it was quite cozy. The soup and sandwich were real nice. The iced green tea was just as I'd remembered it. Normally I wouldn't like sweetened green tea, but there's something about iced tea that suggests sweetening. They serve hot Republic of Tea also, which isn't too shabby either. Can't wait to try the souffles. Marie raves about them.

07 October 2007

What the....

Why is it so hot out this week? It's October! It's New York! I put the A/C on today! This is just not right. All my fall clothes are waiting patiently in the back of my closet, and I had to give myself a pedicure so I could continue wearing sandals. I considered going to the beach today, but I'm really not sure if it's open so late in the year. It should be. I did end up baking twice this weekend. Although it's too warm for all that, I really need to get practicing before the actually cold months when I finally pull together a tea party. It's hit and miss, though. I made fantastic cupcakes, but horribly dry peanut butter cookies. I know, its got peanut butter in it, but still....maybe I shouldn't have used that organic stuff. I try to be healthy and satisfy my sweet tooth, and I can never strike a happy medium.

I guess I'll just have to be content with the crunchy leaves on the ground, while I endure a few more tan lines.

Global warming, anyone?

22 September 2007


Lots of stuff has been going on in the past weeks, but since I've been kind of busy I haven't been able to narrow it down for you all. It's all a jumble! Hopefully I can pull my thoughts together soon.

07 September 2007

My Paparazzi Moment

I saw some English tourists shooting some pictures in Grand Central Terminal, so I asked them why and they simply said "John Travolta". I jumped on the bandwagon.
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01 September 2007

Tea Tuesday

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My sisters and I had afternoon tea at Tea and Sympathy this week. It's as good as ever, even if I couldn't finish the sandwiches or scones. This has no reflection on the taste, I was just feeling slightly off. Note the (tea)bags under my eyes. Maybe I shouldn't point that out. Anyway, the service was friendly and it was quiet and cheerful around noontime. I had my first Yorkshire Gold, too, and was pleased to find that it stands on its own - no milk needed here!

25 August 2007

The Fluff is Back!

I'm sure you'll all been itching to see recent pics of my pride and joy. Fear not! Zenobia is fluffy again and not tangled yet. She's back in touch with her Elizabethan side.
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17 August 2007

Fall Preview 2007

As usual, around this time of year I begin to crave autumn like it was some kind of chocolate.

I've had enough of air conditioners, tank tops, sunblock, and certainly that horrible sweat that occurs in the subway stations. It's like an underground rat-infested sauna. Glop! You arrive at work already needing a shower.

I want colorful leaves, home baked scones (made in my apartment,) velvet, apple picking, and vacation. I've planned a few days off just to enjoy my home city as a tourist would, without the directional confusion. You can probably guess that I'll attempt to visit a few tea rooms I haven't had a chance to try out. It should be fun - for me, anyway.

Hopefully we'll have a long autumn, as I hate when it goes from sweltering heat to biting cold.
My only regret is I haven't been to the beach this year. Sigh. I guess I'll have to nurse my sorrows over a steaming cup of tea, cappuccino, cocoa...sky's the limit in the fall!

03 August 2007

Macchu Tea-chu: My Tea Things #5

Most people don't go to Peru to buy tea things. I didn't either, but when I did get a chance to go there, nine years back, I shopped till I dropped. Besides jewelry, sweaters, and other excellent bargains, I came across this teapot in Pisac Market.

Doesn't it scream Made In Peru? Though it doesn't look like tea drinking is a major pastime in Peru (with the exception of coca tea, which was offered to us everywhere yet was not allowed to be brought back to the US), they must have had people like me in mind when they made it. I rarely use it to actually make tea, but it's a nice reminder of a really cool trip, and less itchy than the sweaters.

27 July 2007

Still Going!

I know I've had lots of moments worth writing about this week, but I've been kind of stressed by other matters to be able to concentrate. I hate "issues", but I guess everyone has them sometimes. I shall try to focus on the positive.

On Sunday I set out for Trader Joe's, but since it was such a nice day I decided to first walk around the area. I visited Sympathy for the Kettle, which I haven't done since December. There was an actual empty table right by the window! This is amazing, as the wait is usually long enough to give up. As I ended up staying for an hour and it's a small tea shop, I can see why the tables are so hard to come by. Well, it was worth the wait I didn't have to undergo this time. I had a tea called Love Rosemary, which is a flavored black tea with violet and rosemary (ya think?) Then there was the bergamot cupcake with lavender icing. I've said it before, but if you are ever in St. Marks Place and want a peaceful respite, this is the place to go.

Monday started out as an extremely rainy day, and ended as a drizzly day. Thankfully it was calm enough out when I went to Partners & Crime, a bookshop in the West Village that happened to be hosting a Jasper Fforde signing. Though I arrived in time for standing room only (I actually came in right behind JF, but I swear I'm not a stalker!), it was fun enough to hear him give his description of the book and answer questions. He's really funny, and positively in love with reading. Though he worked in the film industry for a good portion of his life, he does not want the Thursday Next novels to become a movie. I'm glad - I think it would ruin the spirit of the books.

After I got yet another book autographed (though this time I looked like ten miles of bad migraine so I didn't take pics), and asked him a question about Swindon (the travel agent of Gata Past bubbling to the surface yet again), I walked along Greenwich Avenue. I stopped in Carry on Tea and Sympathy and was mind blown when I found out there were products from WHITTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My goodness. This is besides being surrounded by all kinds of things you can usually only get in England, along with some things you can find in Irish import sections in Astoria. Then I bought some chips at A Salt and Battery to end my completely Anglophile evening.

I finished First Among Sequels in two days. That's probably too fast, or perhaps I'm a Superreader (referring to something in the book.) Well, I thought it was hilarious - maybe too many things going on at once, but still a pleasure for anyone who loves literature, time travel, alternate realities - that sort of thing. Sometimes my mind started to get a little loopy when I tried to make sense of something, but then I realized that you have to go for the ride without taking it too seriously. Good stuff.

There's another pretty decent side effect to reading a Thursday Next novel. Usually when I read books that take place in England, I feel a sort of yearning to go back. It's not a negative feeling, but kind of frustrating given my financial circumstances. The thing about these books is that more than anything, it makes me want to read more books. This is not a problem, as I have an endless amount of books to jump into.
Now all we need is a tea quote from the book. Here we go:
"There are three things in life that can make even the worst problems seem just that tiniest bit better. The first is a cup of tea - loose-leaf Assam with a hint of Lapsang and poured before it gets too dark and then with a dash of milk and the smallest hint of sugar. Calming, soothing and almost without peer. The second, naturally, is a hot soaking bath. The third is Puccini. In the bath with a hot cup of tea and Puccini. Heaven."
I may not be a Lapsang fan, but that was enough to give me second thoughts.

15 July 2007

Tea With A Buzz

So everyone who knows me knows I'm a cheap drunk. Well, actually, I don't get drunk. I get tipsy really fast so I stop before I get even close to risking a hangover. I limit myself to stuff I can handle, like Smirnoff Ice. Even that gives me that sleepy feeling earlier than I'd like. So I was interested in trying their Raw Tea. It's got caffeine, which keeps me awake just a little longer. I guess it's the poor man's Red Bull with Vodka. You guys do know that Long Island Iced Tea does not have actual tea in it, right?

Even this drink, however, is something I need to be careful with. It tastes basically like iced flavored green tea. Its slight liquor content doesn't kick in until later. So I have to make sure not to drink it quickly. Like tea, it must sipped.
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06 July 2007

Oh Snap

I tried the new Snapple Iced Earl Grey tea. It was sweet, but not overly so - in fact, there are far fewer calories than their other iced teas. I guess they felt they needed to step up a little, what with Ito En's line expanding bottled iced teas (they sell it in the pharmacy on my block - and here I was two years ago searching frantically around the city for just one of their flavors!)

Here's the thing: I used to hate Earl Grey tea in any form. I drank it daily during an early internship where everyone in the office smoked, so when the internship was over it was a dreadful association for me. It's kind of the negative Madeleine, I guess (see the Lushing comments) - but for the life of me I couldn't go near Earl Grey. My Dad took a liking to it and starting drinking it every morning, and since I didn't loathe it the way I do tomatoes I put up with it. I drank Twining's Lady Grey tea here and there, and liked it for its lightness. Gradually I was curious to try the Earl one more time, and I realized it was to my liking once again. So I really don't mind Snapple's efforts.

02 July 2007

My Tea Things #4: The Gift of Tea

Here are a few examples of tea gifts I've received over the years. Actually, most of these are recent gifts. The white teapot with flowers, though, came almost ten years ago to me from a coworker of my brother-in-law. I'd only had one conversation with her at the time, and I must have been enthusiastic about my love of all things tea. These are certainly not all the tea related gifts in my collection. I'm certainly thankful for all of them. Perhaps I'll make a Part Two of this feature.
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22 June 2007


I found out that Lush Union Square is opening next week. Though I'm not falling out of my seat with the thrill of it all, it did bring back some special Lush memories.

It all started on my second trip to London. It was the last day of the trip, we were on Carnaby Street and Cecile wanted to check out some soap store. I videotaped Marie looking kind of bored, and I must admit so was I. We were frankly shopped out. It took a great deal of effort to close my luggage that day. I'd bought tea, teapots, articles of clothing - not to mention shoes, and sadly some cat food. (There were Whiskas flavors that didn't exist in the US. The kitties never thanked me: they probably thought I was pretty dumb to waste money and luggage space on them.) Like I was saying, the shopping end of our trip was over. Still, something about the shop lingered in my mind...

It was the Lush smell. It is the signature scent that identifies Lush within a block of wherever it is located. This was way before Lush came to New York. So, since there was a Lush in Covent Garden, a place I'd newly fallen in love with, and then Carnaby Street, and possibly one in the airport, leaving a trail of a very pleasant scent...the smell of Lush equalled the smell of London in my subconscious. More than anything, smell brings back a sense of nostalgia to me. This hadn't quite added up in my stream of thought; at least, not yet.

Moving forward, when planning a fourth trip to London, I read about Lush in a guidebook and thought it kind of seemed familiar. This time my travel companion was Bonnie, who is to lotions and shower gels as I am to tea. It was inevitable that we were going to check out Lush in earnest. We went to the one in Covent Garden, and this time my luggage (a red suitcase practically the size of a refrigerator) was stocked with bath bombs, soaps and powders. I specifically remember Bohemian soap, which is still my favorite with its lemony loveliness. I was fully infatuated with Lush, and finally realized the smell connection when upon my arrival home I opened my suitcase and smelled London, I mean, Lush. To me the two were synonymous, particularly regarding the Covent Garden section.

Within a year the products were used up. Of course the products retain their true freshness only for a few months, because they use natural ingredients, but I stretched my items for as long as possible. When I'd finally run out, I pined hopelessly, occasionally looking at their website and catalog. I kind of did the same thing for Whittard teas.

About two years later Bonnie, Rustom, a friend and I went for a weekend in Montreal. We made it a point to find the Lush there, and we knew we did when The Lush Smell wafted into our nasal passages. Bonnie and I went, um, ballistic as we stocked up old favorites and new ones. I was introduced to Buffy the Backside Slayer, which is noted for treating the wobbly bits. Not that I have a problem with that, you know. There was a casualty or two on the road trip home (you have to be careful with certain products as there is a possibility of melting.) Nevertheless, the Lush on Rue St. Denis was a top highlight of my Montreal trip, as well as the one a few months later.

Finally I returned to England, with my friend who had accompanied us to Montreal the first time. On our first full day there, we headed to Kensington High Street, already a favorite street of mine. It had lost some of its appeal when the Kensington Market ceased to exist, but now there was a Lush store, and I was a happy camper. (Yes, I say happy camper. I'm folksy sometimes.) At this point a store had also opened in San Francisco, which gave me some hope, so I asked one of the sales associates if there were any plans for New York. She confirmed that it was in the works. As soon as I left the shop (which took awhile), I found a payphone, incidentally near the Muffin Man, and phoned Bonnie to give her the good news. Oh, in case you aren't convinced that I'm a madwoman, this event occurred four years ago today. I have a freaky memory for dates.

Patience sometimes pays off. Though I fed my addiction with an online purchase, nothing really equals the experience of handling the products and smelling them before buying. It's special.

Like the geek I am, I visited the first Lush New York location a few times before it opened. And you know I was there the day it opened. With Bonnie. I spent chunks of money, I admit it. I was obsessed, and wanted to try every product they had. I visited Lush Herald Square frequently in 2004. I dragged everyone I could along with me, including my Dad, who managed to get glitter on his face as a result. Though he couldn't understand my spending so much money on bath products, he did seem to get a kick out of throwing the bath ballistics into the tub. He'd say some line from his days in the Marines, and then launched. It's fun to watch it fizz around.

Well, within a month after the grand opening, my bathroom smelled like Lush. I clocked far too many hours in the bathtub, and I spent more time in the 34th Street area than I'd done when I'd interned in the area. Then I lost my job and curtailed my visits.

I got a job in midtown, but even so I can't say I'm always heading for Lush. I'll always love it, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. However, I was quite surprised when I found out they'd opened a Lush in Queens...literally across the street from where I was born! This is the location I frequent the most nowadays.

You always know you're in the right place when you smell that smell. Like Toucan Sam, I just follow my nose, and there I am. Even last year, I knew I was in the right part of Washington DC when my nose was graced with a whiff of heaven. A block later, there was the famous Lush logo.

But you see even now, wherever I am, when I smell Lush I feel transported to London. I also felt that way in the Upper West Side location - well, it was raining and we were about to have Afternoon Tea. When I go to the Union Square opening (did I mention it's a block down from the Tavalon Tea Shop, and a short walk from Tea and Sympathy?) I'll be transported once again.

I haven't even rhapsodized about all my favorite products, except perhaps the Bohemian. Would that make it a (fill in the blanks, you know I'm doing a corny Queen reference)...

Well, here's a list: Ocean Salt, Dream Cream, Avobath, Blackberry, Rock Star, Waving not Drowning, Karma (all of this line), well, I can go on and on.

I loved the B Never Too Busy shop in Carnaby Street: it's the makeup version of Lush, and such a fantastic shop. They may never open in NY - perhaps that's good, I should have something to look forward to when I return to London.

15 June 2007


This kind of expresses how I've felt the past couple of days.

Thanks for your response on my last post. I think I'll keep it up for a while, just not when I'm feeling like the above pic.

Love you all! (Except when I'm cranky, sorry about that in advance and in retrospect.)
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11 June 2007

On Writing

You may be wondering why I'm not writing here as much as I used to. Most of my posts are picture heavy, rather than wordy like they used to be.

It's not like it used to be. I still love writing, but to post online I prefer to feel like people are actually reading what I put out there. I don't need a Pulitzer for goodness' sake. Nowadays, though, when I publish a post, I seem to hear crickets, like in the cartoons. I don't want to make this a sob story, but I don't want to waste my time online when there is little or no reaction.

This does not mean I don't write anymore. I've simply resurrected my old habit of using pen and paper. I purchased some pretty blank books, and I got some wonderful pens. Have you ever tried Pilot Varsity pens? They're a combination of ballpoint and fountain pens - it's my style, it combines the best of old-fashioned and modern. It's pleasing and smooth, and I get much less writer's cramp than I used to.

I'll never stop writing; it's my thing. I won't stop blogging, either, but it's going to be far less frequent. Okay, this is a call for validation. I don't get paid for blogging, so I need a reason to go on. If any of you among the crickets think I should should write more on this blog, let me know.

03 June 2007

I Get a Kick Out of Chapter 3

...but if I went there every day I'd be filing Chapter 11.

Ok, the table wait was long, just like every Alice's Tea Cup, but Chapter 3 was certainly worth the visit. The tea I had, Serenitea (I know, the name), was unbelievably delicious. It was green tea with chamomile and lemon, which sounds boring. It wasn't. Plus, my caffeine high was the mildest ever.

It seems this Alice's is the least child-oriented; just an impression I got. Still, I wouldn't mind taking a well-mannered child here. I would really like to learn how to make the Lapsang Souchong Smoked Chicken Sandwich. They have a salad version of it, too.

The best thing about this location is the proximity to The Museum. I love the Met. I'll have to post about that later. It's been a week, but I don't mind procrastinating.
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27 May 2007

We Real Cool

This is what chicks look like after an afternoon of tea and a jaunt in the museum.
More to follow...

25 May 2007

Magically Transported

There's a new shopping area in Glendale called Atlas Park Mall. When Pam took me there today, for a moment I was kind of disoriented. It reminded me so much of West Palm Beach, what's it called, something-center, and with the heat we might as well have been in Florida. The Amish Market kind of brought me home as we have one of them near my job.

Of course, the highlight for me was Borders. I know we have these all over the city, but I rarely get to one. It's always been slightly better than Barnes and Noble, but this time I was blown away by the Paperchase section. Here I am surrounded by stationery and all kinds of blank books and, well, stuff, that I thought that was why I felt excited. Then I realized this was Advanced Excitement. It was like I did one of those fast launches on Google Earth. I flew from West Palm to West End, London in mere seconds. Why? Because the Paperchase shops I'd been to were in Covent Garden and the Strand. Too bad Atlas Park didn't have a Wagamama; I'd have been fully away with the fairies this afternoon.

On the drive home we passed through Glendale. Now I was fully back to reality, or was I? No, I was kind of passing through Memory Lane - approximately 1996. Meh.

Hope you had fun Trippin' with Gata.

22 May 2007

Out to Sea

Sunday evening was lovely, enjoying spring rolls and masaman curry at Sea in Brooklyn, then meeting an Isabelle wannabe in a gelato shop. (Marie's cat for the uninitiated.) Wandering around Williamsburg is always a fun way to pass the time, especially in good weather. Sunday was decent enough, with patches of rain here and there.
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Groomed for Success

She's not as mad as she looks....