02 July 2007

My Tea Things #4: The Gift of Tea

Here are a few examples of tea gifts I've received over the years. Actually, most of these are recent gifts. The white teapot with flowers, though, came almost ten years ago to me from a coworker of my brother-in-law. I'd only had one conversation with her at the time, and I must have been enthusiastic about my love of all things tea. These are certainly not all the tea related gifts in my collection. I'm certainly thankful for all of them. Perhaps I'll make a Part Two of this feature.
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Marie said...

I have to get you this gift I saw...related to tea. I'm not going to spoil it. So maybe you'll add it to your tea gifts next post!

Sanikdotes said...

perhaps you will

Catherine said...

Yay! (I wasn't dropping any hints, though...)

Joyce said...

Tea addiction, again an other addiction of mine, yike, i am addicted to everything (well it seems so).