21 May 2010

Punny Tea Names

Duane Reade has rebranded, it seems, and with that they've introduced a new line of products under the name "delish". I'm not crazy about that name, but their snack line isn't so bad (the maple leaf cookies are my favorite so far.)

Now they have a few kinds of iced teas. So far I've seen their Green Tea, White Tea (with pear juice, probably the best one), and Earl Grey. They're as good as any bottled iced tea I've had, and even better than some. But I'm not here to review these. I just need to remark on their need to tea-ize a few adjectives on their label:

new york citea


What's going on with these people? Are they proud of their rhyming abilitea? Do they need to take every opportunitea? Isn't it just an exercise in futilitea? Or is my reaction due to my hypersensitivitea? No diggitea! (for all you 90's kids out there.)

I guess I've complained aplentea. I'm gonna finish the rest of my drink...because I'm thirstea.

03 May 2010

My First Afternoon Tea...

...was a very long time ago. It's so long ago I can't mark the date on my mental calendar. What I do remember was that it was a turning point for me - the whole ceremony of it, which wasn't painfully ceremonial or I would have been turned off to it straightaway. The idea of the three-tiered stand, three departments with their own theme: Finger Sandwiches, Scones, and Desserts (cakes, petit fours, pastries) was appealing from the start. I am still pleased, after all these years, that I was introduced to Afternoon Tea at Tea and Sympathy. I've had Afternoon Tea in many places since then, and can rattle off a litany of places that do it well...quite a few in New York alone, but this is the place where, if possible, I recommend others try it for the first time. I guarantee it to be both satisfying and worth the price ($35 per person, a little less if it's for two).

On Saturday the three girls that came with me were all new to Afternoon Tea, at least in a tea room. Two of them have been over to my place for my version of it, which I'm not ashamed of to be sure. The actual tea room experience, though, is incomparable. They were not disappointed.


Man at the next table was sure eyeing that scone...


It's a pot pie, I know, but don't worry, she had the Experience.

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