26 August 2005

A Cup of Disappointment

A few days ago I went to Cup near the movie theatre and was surprised by their new menu. While there are some improvements, I was not happy. It turns out that my major reason for going there, the awesome Big Cup of hot cocoa, is no longer. It was replaced by what must have been Swiss Miss.

On the bright side, I had Godiva Hot Cocoa and it was not bad at all. What I really miss is the Cadbury version that I had in Bath. It was so good I almost gave up tea right then and there. Oh not quite, an hour later I was partaking of afternoon tea in the Pump Room.

24 August 2005

Beautiful Day

While Sino cuddles at home (this is actually an older pic of him when he was much heavier) I have to spend my day at work. I don't mind, it's such a gorgeous day that even the hour or so I spent outdoors was an absolute pleasure.

I had a Matcha Green Tea Blast at Jamba Juice. Dare I say it - I liked it better than the Frappuccino! I think it was the sorbet that made it special. Perfect for sipping in a park on a splendid August day.

Also, I finished The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde. This guy writes some of the most imaginative and hilarious books of our time. Since around 2002 he has been writing a book or so every year, and I always look forward to the next one. Everyone I know who reads his novels is an avid addict. Some day I would like to meet Fforde.

17 August 2005

Bin it!

Compared to most apartments in NYC, mine is quite roomy. I only share it with one person, which makes the bathroom situation ideal For some reason, though, my home is always a mess. Always! Every room is filled with papers, books, clothes, stuff! We have many closets, which is little consolation as they are all full. I've learned to walk gracefully simply to be able to navigate around the apartment without stubbing a toe.

The worst of it is, I've thrown out or given away so many items in recent months. Somehow, though, I keep accumulating - even when I do lay off the shopping, Bonnie. I can't get it together. Is this an indication of some kind of mental issue, or am I just making excuses? Is there some kind of therapy program for the chronically disorganized? Packrats Anonymous? I don't want to end up on one of those home makeover shows, crying over complete strangers throwing out my things ("Catherine, do you really need all those teapots?" "But I'm the Tea Queen of Astoria!" "No, you're the Rubbish Queen and we're gonna auction off all your teapots." "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" )

On the positive side, I just cleaned up my desk at work. It is possible....

11 August 2005


The Tea Queen pays a royal visit to Teany.

"We are charmed by this pristine tearoom," she says, "it is not at all quaint."

10 August 2005

Picture Show

From Top:
1: Sino in action
2: Bon and Bubuck in a relaxed moment (after a tea party)
3: Beautiful boy
4: View from kitchen window in January. Birds are not afraid of the backyard cats, because we feed them well. Spoiled brats!
5: Me with my "niece" Sheba, the day she wore a sweater.

Zenobia Pic!

My new fluffy kitty! On the nasty ratty floor of my "library." She doesn't seem to mind.

09 August 2005

Zenobia Violet Dufifth

The thing that keeps me up all night. It's a good thing my kitten is utterly adorable, because she Insomnia personified (or catified?). During the day she hides under the furniture and dashes past whoever wants to get close to her. Then at night she comes alive. Just when I sink into my first few minutes of sleep, she leaps onto the bed and starts kneading me. With her crazy sharp claws. All night long. First I groan and tell her to stop, and try to pet her so she'll feel appreciated. Then I moan and say mommy needs to sleep, and gently push her off. Next I put a barricade of pillows around me, which she somehow surmounts. After a few hours of constantly being walked on and needled, I hear myself screaming: "gabaraawaramaaaa," which in sleep talk means "expletive!", and I hear her scamper away and mew somewhere in a corner. Then I start feeling guilty, and look at the time and realize it's time to get up for work. So I get out of bed and see her making a fun for it under the dresser. That's why I'm so sleepy. I still think she's fabulous.

04 August 2005

My New Baby

I'm the proud owner of a 5 month old Persian kitten. Her name is Zenobia and she is truly regal looking. Well, she will be when she stops looking frightened of her new surroundings. I guess I'd look like that too if I saw my apartment for the first time.

I first saw her two weeks ago in Sunnyside. She was on display in the front of the petshop and I was startled. She had a remarkable resemblance to my dearly deceased Duforth, although not the same breed and not as vacant looking. But the selling price was far too steep, so I walked on. Two weeks later she was still there, and a hundred dollars cheaper! This was irresistible.

Last night Marie took me over to the pet shop. I was a bit alarmed when I saw Zenobia get freaked when taken out of her cage. I took her home anyway.

She is still in her hiding and don't-pick-me-up phase, but I think she'll work out eventually that she's home. Meanwhile, I'm wondering how we are going to introduce her to Sino, but they are being kept at opposite ends of the house for the time being.

I'll post a picture as soon as I possibly can.

01 August 2005

Fall Fashion Preview

This year I'm a little too excited about fall fashion. Part of it is, I believe, comparing this fall to the last one. I remember poring through two of those massive September fashion mags in one evening. It was in the waiting room of the Elmhurst Hospital, where my sister was getting an appendectomy. I had to get my mind off what was going on down the hall, so I looked at every page diligently. It was so disappointing - tweed overload, boring boring boring! I like what I see for Fall 2005 - not that I can actually buy anything featured in the glossy ads. Still, I find fall colors reassuring. Everything is deep and rich, velvety and soft. Much more conducive to tea drinking and pastry gorging than sleeveless summer dresses, and not as stifling as husky January overcoats. Plus I prefer boots to sandals - and one has the choice of wearing both from September thru November. There is only one problem. In autumn the fabrics and colors fall prey to pet hair. I have to refrain from cuddling my Cinnamon in the morning. I don't think he'll mind.