22 September 2007


Lots of stuff has been going on in the past weeks, but since I've been kind of busy I haven't been able to narrow it down for you all. It's all a jumble! Hopefully I can pull my thoughts together soon.

07 September 2007

My Paparazzi Moment

I saw some English tourists shooting some pictures in Grand Central Terminal, so I asked them why and they simply said "John Travolta". I jumped on the bandwagon.
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01 September 2007

Tea Tuesday

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My sisters and I had afternoon tea at Tea and Sympathy this week. It's as good as ever, even if I couldn't finish the sandwiches or scones. This has no reflection on the taste, I was just feeling slightly off. Note the (tea)bags under my eyes. Maybe I shouldn't point that out. Anyway, the service was friendly and it was quiet and cheerful around noontime. I had my first Yorkshire Gold, too, and was pleased to find that it stands on its own - no milk needed here!