21 May 2009

04 May 2009

Spot on

You Are the Library

You are very intellectual and well read. You tend to be absorbed in your own interests.

You can seem a bit standoffish. To be honest, you're not that interested in other people.

You are comforted by the things you own. You tend to be a pack rat.

It's likely that you have many old possessions that you treasure. You rarely throw anything away.

I actually posted this already on Facebook, but I thought it worth a repeat mention. Never has a quiz been so correct about my personality. Sick!

I'm not cheap...

I just don't like to spend ridiculous amounts of money on items that aren't worth it!

I had off on Friday, so I decided I'd catch the Wolverine movie (Hugh Jackman, I mean, come on!) I decided to go to the 4:30 showing at my local theatre. The optimist in me hoped for matinee pricing. That was dashed upon arrival - apparently only the first showing is discounted, at least on Fridays. This is annoying. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't matinee as a word have its root in afternoon?

Okay, whatever. I wanted the full movie experience, as I rarely get to the theatres anymore, so I thought I'd get the popcorn and soda combo. I asked the concession stand lady what was the cheapest way to get this and she said the medium, which came out to $12. That was (marginally) more than the price of admission. Ouch.

I grumbled my way to my seat; it's not like I needed a soda of that size - after all, I was alone and couldn't very well get up during the movie. Never mind, I thought, I'm going to enjoy myself and Mr. Jackman (and the guy who played Gambit wasn't bad either). I don't see movies just for the eye candy - I'm actually a big fan of comic book movies (as evidenced by my Comic Con attendance), but it doesn't hurt.

Sometime during the first half of the movie, I shifted my legs and the popcorn went flying. There was a PILE of popcorn at my feet. So what is that - six bucks down the drain? At least I still had my high fructose corn soda!

It's May - this is the biggest time of year for me to be attending movies. I haven't been to a movie theatre since December, when I saw Australia in Florida (yes, I know who was in Australia). This is not because I don't like the movies. I love the whole experience - from the previews to the superior sound quality (my TV isn't fabulous, but I'm not complaining). I would go to the movies at least once a month - if I could AFFORD to. At these prices, who can? Between the admission and refreshments (or flooring, apparently), I could almost see a discounted Broadway show.

Why can't the theatres give us a break? Do they not want to fill up the seats beyond the opening weekend? Don't they want to make me happy? Guess not.

I'll just have to join Netflix.

Moofer/Oolong/Pride and Prejudice (requisite cat/tea/book references.)