31 December 2007

Knit NY

This is a tearoom review of sorts - in the cafe category anyway. I went with Pam and her nieces to Knit NY on East 14th Street. We each had a cup of tea/coffee and relaxed in this knitter's paradise.
Yes, if you love knitting, you will love this place. You are surrounded by enough balls of yarn to make a cat swoon, and there's samples of knit work for inspiration, magazines and books about knitting for ready reference, and an immaculately clean bathroom (I had to mention this - it's always a plus in every establishment.)
I for one was happy to see the variety of teas on offer, all from Serendipitea. There's plenty of coffee, and iced teas from Teany, so it's covered in the beverage category. There were candy types of snacks on display (which I almost mistook for the knitting accessories), but I didn't see any other kinds of food. The website lists a number of things, like bagels, so I guess I should have asked.
They offer knitting lessons, private as well as group, but I thought it was kind of steep. Then again, the whole idea of a knitting cafe is one of luxury, so I shouldn't complain.
So, if knitting's your thing, you'll have a nice time. Be prepared to stay for a while if you order tea - the large cups take a long time to cool. The staff is friendly, which is always a plus. If you're not into knitting, come with a knitting friend - and a book. If you're alone and you're not a fan of knitting, there are many cafes/tearooms around the 14th Street/Irving Plaza/Union Square/East Village area to try first.

25 December 2007

Cruising Down Memory Lane

Time is a very strange thing. Some events in my life seem like centuries ago, and it could have been something that happened this very year. Other memories seem frighteningly recent...you know the phrase, "it seems like just yesterday"...but it really occurred a while back.

I had that odd feeling when I realized it's been ten years since I first saw "Titanic" in the theatre. What? How can that be? I remember exactly how I felt, and how worked up I got every time I heard the Celine Dion song on the radio. I even bought a "Heart of the Ocean" replica necklace. I ended up watching the movie three more times in the theatre before holding on for the video release.

Hang on a minute. The video release. That's right. I bought the VHS version. I bought it in the Borders in the World Trade Center. I was still a travel agent.

As for the theatre, the one on 30th Avenue and Steinway Street? That hasn't been there in quite some time. Cherann was there the first time I saw that movie, and she hasn't been in New York for over five years. My father came with me to the third or fourth theatre visit, and he's been gone over a year. Marie and I (and others who would kill me if I mentioned their names) used my brand new camcorder to reenact scenes from the movie. I haven't used that camcorder in over four years. Huh.

I had the same cold feeling when I heard the Spice Girls were reuniting. Wow. They've really, um, grown up. (Have I?) They have kids of their own.

So I guess it doesn't really seem like yesterday, when I start listing all the changes of the past decade. Still, though now I roll my eyes at my intense fascination at that time for all things Titanic (I don't get emotional over that song anymore, though I still quite admire both Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio for their acting skills), I can't say I'm ashamed. I was one of many, and it's not like I was drooling over the boy bands or anything.

Memories are fun when you don't obsess over them, and I'll never let go....(there, I said it.)

06 December 2007

The "I Have Issues" Post

I don't try to delve into my personal life too much here, because I spend far too much time doing so in my written journals, to the detriment of quality. I just thought, for once, being that it was sort of brought to my attention this week, I'd open up the psyche and spill. Don't worry, it won't be a long ride.

I have certain problems with doing things on command. I don't mean so much at work - one steels oneself to taking on tasks when bills need to be paid. But when I speak of doing something, it's not so much work on a manual level. I am rarely requested to help out with physical labor. It's the creative, thoughtful things that concern me. For instance, I was asked to help out with essay questions recently. All I did was look at the list and my head began to spin - along with the words on the page. How could I make myself concentrate on appropriate answers to these questions? I couldn't; not in the space of time I was given. The sad thing was that some of the questions were quite interesting, and possibly good subjects to use for posts here. At the moment when my answers were needed, though, I was found wanting.

Am I so horrible for coming up short this way? I obviously enjoy writing - I always have. I seem to recall, though, that I didn't do as well as I should have in my own school essays either. This is probably why I've never accepted a job path in journalism, or similar careers. I even had trouble as a travel agent. When asked about locations or hotels that I had no interest in, my poor clients hit a brick wall and had to go elsewhere. It's one of the reasons that particular job didn't last long.

Is this a personality flaw, laziness, or something else? I wish I knew. All I do know is that if I don't care enough about a topic I cannot summon enthusiasm or bring myself to focus on it in any way. This narrow mindedness is one of my greatest shortcomings.