31 December 2007

Knit NY

This is a tearoom review of sorts - in the cafe category anyway. I went with Pam and her nieces to Knit NY on East 14th Street. We each had a cup of tea/coffee and relaxed in this knitter's paradise.
Yes, if you love knitting, you will love this place. You are surrounded by enough balls of yarn to make a cat swoon, and there's samples of knit work for inspiration, magazines and books about knitting for ready reference, and an immaculately clean bathroom (I had to mention this - it's always a plus in every establishment.)
I for one was happy to see the variety of teas on offer, all from Serendipitea. There's plenty of coffee, and iced teas from Teany, so it's covered in the beverage category. There were candy types of snacks on display (which I almost mistook for the knitting accessories), but I didn't see any other kinds of food. The website lists a number of things, like bagels, so I guess I should have asked.
They offer knitting lessons, private as well as group, but I thought it was kind of steep. Then again, the whole idea of a knitting cafe is one of luxury, so I shouldn't complain.
So, if knitting's your thing, you'll have a nice time. Be prepared to stay for a while if you order tea - the large cups take a long time to cool. The staff is friendly, which is always a plus. If you're not into knitting, come with a knitting friend - and a book. If you're alone and you're not a fan of knitting, there are many cafes/tearooms around the 14th Street/Irving Plaza/Union Square/East Village area to try first.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! I'd really like to learn how to knit.
Also, Pammy looks so cute and babyfaced in that picture. Pammy: if you read this - I want to smoosh you!

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