16 August 2012

Crazy Long Walk: Philadelphia

 I recently had a chance to overnight in Philadelphia.  It was work-related, and though I've been away for work before - I was a travel agent a long time ago - it had been a really long time since I'd travelled for training purposes.  The last time had also been travel agent-related, and it was for a longer period of time.  Though my evenings were mine to do as I pleased, I had been staying in an area that was not pedestrian friendly.  In fact, when I tried to take a walk I was met with stares that seemed to indicate I was doing something slightly mad. 

In Philly, I only had one night to do my thing, but I stayed in an area that was extremely hospitable to foot traffic.  So I did what anyone of my temperament would do, and took a two hour walk around the city.   I had a wonderful time wandering around (not all who wander are lost and all that), and seeing one of the closest cities to New York on my own for the first time.  It wasn't a tea-related expedition, but not everything is.  The museums were by and large closed at that point, but I was able to take in art in different forms: architecture, design, and music.  There was music everywhere, coming loudly but not obnoxiously from various spots on nearly every block.  I heard a lot of jazz, which I don't equate with Philadelphia, but then again I'm not yet an expert on every aspect of the city's culture.  Anyway, I covered a lot of ground, worked up a good appetite, slept well, and reinforced my travel-fervor.  That's my kind of walk!

If I had to be a statue, I'd like to be her.  (Rittenhouse Square)

Cooling off after a hot day...(Logan Square)

The perfect name for a library.

Fountain, with City Hall looking on
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