31 January 2006

What I Miss Most in Life

Beyond people or pets, the thing I miss the most is Jello Pudding Pops. Anyone growing up in the 80's and 90's must remember these. They were the perfect dessert, like ice cream but not as messy, pudding without a spoon - few pleasures in life exceed the pudding pop. Even the smell was fantastic - when I took off the wrapper, it was all I could do to keep from inhaling it clear up my nose.

Just look at the swirl flavor. A perfect marriage, they were always gone from the package first.

Why are they extinct? Did they cause heart attacks in laboratory rats? Were they too expensive to produce? It's just pudding, isn't it? Maybe some preservative ingredient was found to be addictive. That would not be a surprise.

Bring them back!

26 January 2006

She's A Brat

The Last Roll

Though I took some parting shots with my cellphone, these are the last photos I have of Sino from my camera. It was around the time where he was in his last few weeks of still being playful before he really started being sick.

Florida Pics

Just some more from November....

When it's not really swimming weather, it's fun to take in the sea air and check out the sunset. Or let your head wobble off your shoulders.


Can you believe, after 2 months of searching, the day before I was to apply for my new passport, and the day I wrote the Lost blog, I found my passport?! It was in a pile of stuff I'd looked through before. Amazing.. the power of prayer.

25 January 2006


It's the darndest thing. I've lost my passport! I don't know how it happened, but I've searched my entire home, and it's nowhere to be found. Mind you, I've been looking since November, so if I haven't found it by now, it must be gone.

So I got all the application forms, and I must take a new picture, and find every other form of ID and proof that I exist that ever, well, existed. It is a cumbersome task, and it's really taught me a lesson. Though by personality I tend to be cluttered and loving it, there are some things that need to be organized. This paper trail colonoscopy is not my favorite way of spending a weekend.

Of course, as soon as I get a new passport, guess what will pop up on the kitchen table.

19 January 2006

Poetry Lovers Take Note

Gotham Book Mart, on 46th Street between Madison and 5th, is a fantastic shop in many ways. I'll talk more about it later, but I just wanted to mention their poetry section is satisfying! So many different unknown favorites and familiar names. Though it's only down the block from Barnes and Noble, I think it will last in this location because it's been in Midtown since the 20's and is still flourishing. Plus, though I love B & N, there are things you just can't find there....like old books, a whole section dedicated to James Joyce, and more. If only they had a little coffee shop.

Go With No Flo

(I know the picture is a little bit dark...it's the only one I have.)

I walk up and down 30th Avenue quite often. Most of the time, when I pass Flo, the new cafe on 38th Street, I see people smoking in the window. I know that in the summer there is outside seating, and during the winter they cover this portion in some plastic enclosure to keep the customers coming. Even though this area tends to be the "smoking section", it still annoys me. It is indoors during this time, hence it should be no smoking! Personally, it wouldn't bother me too much if it wasn't for the plethora of places on 30th Avenue, and also Broadway, where people get away with smoking. And the smokers are usually young people, who should know better. It's not the 1930s, when all the hip happening people were seen languidly puffing away at cigarettes...not to mention the fact that many of these folks died of cancer (does anyone remember the Yul Brynner commerical in the 80s?)

Anyway, it's really not cool, in fact it looks stupid, and they are cutting into my personal enjoyment. I put up with a lot in the past, for instance interning in a place where everyone smoked in the office. Within three months I was asthmatic (I am not kidding), my face was riddled with acne, and my hair was disgusting. I even dealt with waiting in the doctor's office when I was eight with horrendous strep throat, while someone smoked in the waiting room...how about trying to drink a vanilla milk shake in a diner and not enjoying the taste because someone else was savoring their cigarette?! What about karaoke night at Chelsea Piers, where my mediocre singing sank into hoarse cackling? Obviously I was relieved when New York restaurants and bars came under the no smoking laws.

I feel bad that some people are struggling with their addiction. I work with perfectly nice people who have to step outside frequently for their smoking breaks. Still, I am extremely relieved that I am rarely exposed to smoke, and I suppose that I'll just have to boycott those spots in Astoria or otherwise where people have no concern for the health or sanity of their fellow humans. Take a deep breath.....

Simple Pleasures

Zeno gets a kick out of toilet paper.

Life is good.

17 January 2006

Comfort Food...Oh Never Mind

Yesterday I was off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Bon and I decided to spend the afternoon downtown at the lovely Teany. This would be especially nice as she had never been there before. Plus, afternoon tea is a great form of comfort food, and I felt the special need to gorge as a result of my grief from last week. I mean, if I can't fill the void Sino has left, I may as well fill my belly.

Alas, Teany was not open. Of course, we never thought to call ahead...Florida all over again! It turns out Teany is only opened Friday - Sunday. How is that possible? I suppose business is good enough for Mr. Moby on the weekend, but it was our loss. Actually, many restaurants are closed on Monday - I'm glad that's not my usual day off anymore. Many many businesses were closed on the Lower East Side yesterday, all of the ones I'd intended to visit. So, in the chilly weather, we trudged uptown (once we figured out which way was uptown, what ditzes, man.)

On the way up we passed by the Ortiz Funeral Home, where they were having a wake for the poor little girl Nixmary Brown, who was molested and beat until she died. There were lines around the block trying to get into the funeral home, and news cameras, everything. How sad.

We didn't hang around, being hungry to the point of dizziness. After some searching, we decided to eat at Khyber Pass in St. Marks Place. Our food was extremely tasty. It sort of made up for Teany, but I wasn't truly satiated till I got to Union Square. We both had hot chocolate and biscotti and Whole Foods. I do recommend the Lemon Blueberry Biscotti. So the afternoon was not a total loss. When life hands you a lemon, make a biscotti! (very corny)

I still miss Sino.

10 January 2006

Cinnamon ("Sino"), 1993-2006

My first cat, Cinnamon, died peacefully last night at the veterinary office. He's been in decline for quite some time, and losing weight rapidly. It was a hard decision to let him go; he was such a good companion and saw us through many hard times. But it would have been selfish to let him suffer for weeks on and on, without hope. I'm going to miss him so much, for his playfulness and cuddliness and the softest fur in the world. And he brought my Dad so much happiness when he needed it most. I'll never forget my big boy, the one who turned me into a cat person.
I love you, Sine.

03 January 2006

London Photos (con't)

I look drunk (but I'm not!) in front of a Persian wall relief, or whatever they call it. Apparently it was in one of the palaces where Queen Esther may have passed on occasion (not Madonna).

My lovely sisters by Somerset House on the Strand.

But Wait, There's More!

Me not getting nauseous on the London double decker bus! (I think they don't have them anymore, what a shame).

Me being a photographer of flora and fauna in Notting Hill, and dressed just as brightly as my subject it seems.

Bon and I in Balham, heading toward the Clapham South Station.

Bon and I about the enter the Muffin Man. Cream tea!

Lush, what can I say?