17 January 2006

Comfort Food...Oh Never Mind

Yesterday I was off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Bon and I decided to spend the afternoon downtown at the lovely Teany. This would be especially nice as she had never been there before. Plus, afternoon tea is a great form of comfort food, and I felt the special need to gorge as a result of my grief from last week. I mean, if I can't fill the void Sino has left, I may as well fill my belly.

Alas, Teany was not open. Of course, we never thought to call ahead...Florida all over again! It turns out Teany is only opened Friday - Sunday. How is that possible? I suppose business is good enough for Mr. Moby on the weekend, but it was our loss. Actually, many restaurants are closed on Monday - I'm glad that's not my usual day off anymore. Many many businesses were closed on the Lower East Side yesterday, all of the ones I'd intended to visit. So, in the chilly weather, we trudged uptown (once we figured out which way was uptown, what ditzes, man.)

On the way up we passed by the Ortiz Funeral Home, where they were having a wake for the poor little girl Nixmary Brown, who was molested and beat until she died. There were lines around the block trying to get into the funeral home, and news cameras, everything. How sad.

We didn't hang around, being hungry to the point of dizziness. After some searching, we decided to eat at Khyber Pass in St. Marks Place. Our food was extremely tasty. It sort of made up for Teany, but I wasn't truly satiated till I got to Union Square. We both had hot chocolate and biscotti and Whole Foods. I do recommend the Lemon Blueberry Biscotti. So the afternoon was not a total loss. When life hands you a lemon, make a biscotti! (very corny)

I still miss Sino.


Catherine said...

Yeah, I left out the Face Shop part because it's hard to own up to what a shopaholic I can be!

Marie said...

I want to go to the "quaint" Little Tea House" again. The only day I can go is Monday. I'll be sure to call. I love the little sandwiches. It's so calming to have afternoon tea.