22 February 2009

There's a rainbow in my room

This has to be one of the corniest moments in a Marx Brothers movie (Big Store):

I don't know how this guy was allowed on a movie set. The humming and whistling were truly cringeworthy. And does he have a stunt piano player? Watch his arms dart about when they show him "playing".

I love the Marx Brothers movies, and I think these bits were thrown in for a different kind of laugh.

16 February 2009

Wow, this was a surprise!

You Are Tea

You are mellow and reflective. You don't allow yourself to feel in a rush and frenzied.

You're likely to appreciated the ideas or connections that come up over a warm cup of tea.

While you do enjoy the energy of a caffeine boost, you love that it allows you to take a break.

You're not in a rush to do anything. You're content with your life, and in no rush to change it.

Am I Coffee or Tea? I really didn't have to take this quiz to find out, but when can I ever resist a tea quiz?

What are you?

09 February 2009

Believe it or not...


The highlight of my visit to Comic Con NY 2009!

Considering I was under the weather, I was walking on air...okay, this can get really corny so I'd better rein it in. I couldn't find my camera on Saturday; thankfully Tiege had his uber-fantastic Nikon on hand, and also stepped in when I wanted to meet William Katt but turned seriously starstruck. I've gotten tongue-tied before, but this was serious! I suppose this is because 'The Greatest American Hero' was my favorite show as a child, and it still holds a special place in my heart.

Who would reduce you to a polite stammer?

It was all around fun, despite being propelled by sneezes and looking a bit wrecked. I'm home sick today - darn I thought I'd make it through the winter! Anyway, not everyone knows about the comic book nerd in me - actually I mostly watch the cartoon versions, I don't own any comic books, just a few graphic novels. It's just fun, and certainly a release between my thick classical novels and history books. If I could draw at all I'd totally make a Tea Queen comic, but don't expect to see it anytime soon.

I also saw quite a few Batmans, and Nurse Jokers, Ninja Turtles, and enough Storm Troopers to last a decade. Too fun - I'm sure I'll be back next year - hopefully sans Kleenex.

04 February 2009

Grabbing a spot of tea

I've seen Tea Spot on Macdougal Street before, but never had a chance to stop in until last week. Even then, I just had a moment, so I only saw the ground floor (apparently there's seating downstairs, will have to have a look at a more convenient time - from the pictures I saw online it actually looks worth a second visit.) I ordered an Oolong, with a name that escapes me as it was long and I was too occupied to jot it down. Anyway, it was a nice cup, and it warmed me right up on a harsh day (most days this winter have been obnoxiously trying).

While waiting on line, which wasn't long, I looked at the other items on offer. There were sandwiches and various kinds of pastry numbers that looked decent enough. The prices were a bit, well, pricey. The lowest price I found on the average cake was $4.50, and it went past $6 for many of them. I don't know. It seems they had Wi-Fi, and enough seating to pass the time. As mentioned before, the downstairs pics were pretty enticing, so I will have to make a return visit, but even so, the prices seemed kind of steep - especially since my personal Macdougal favorite, Caffe Reggio is right down the block. Reggio deserved a post of its own, but suffice it to say that it's the kind of place you can spend hours in without killing your budget, yet still have a nice cappuccino, Italian pastry, or even a good pot of tea amidst a heartbreakingly old school Villagey ambiance.

Still, I'm always happy to see a tea place nearby, and hope it continues to do well. I promise I'll give it one more try, but if anyone reads this and has been there, feel free to further convince me/talk me out of it. The wall of teas behind the counter is persistently nudging my subconscious.