04 February 2009

Grabbing a spot of tea

I've seen Tea Spot on Macdougal Street before, but never had a chance to stop in until last week. Even then, I just had a moment, so I only saw the ground floor (apparently there's seating downstairs, will have to have a look at a more convenient time - from the pictures I saw online it actually looks worth a second visit.) I ordered an Oolong, with a name that escapes me as it was long and I was too occupied to jot it down. Anyway, it was a nice cup, and it warmed me right up on a harsh day (most days this winter have been obnoxiously trying).

While waiting on line, which wasn't long, I looked at the other items on offer. There were sandwiches and various kinds of pastry numbers that looked decent enough. The prices were a bit, well, pricey. The lowest price I found on the average cake was $4.50, and it went past $6 for many of them. I don't know. It seems they had Wi-Fi, and enough seating to pass the time. As mentioned before, the downstairs pics were pretty enticing, so I will have to make a return visit, but even so, the prices seemed kind of steep - especially since my personal Macdougal favorite, Caffe Reggio is right down the block. Reggio deserved a post of its own, but suffice it to say that it's the kind of place you can spend hours in without killing your budget, yet still have a nice cappuccino, Italian pastry, or even a good pot of tea amidst a heartbreakingly old school Villagey ambiance.

Still, I'm always happy to see a tea place nearby, and hope it continues to do well. I promise I'll give it one more try, but if anyone reads this and has been there, feel free to further convince me/talk me out of it. The wall of teas behind the counter is persistently nudging my subconscious.

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Anonymous said...

I am right with you on the obnoxiously trying winter days. 2 degrees today. You should try driving in the ice and snow. Oh Joy!!!! I know one person who is going to be happy when spring finally arrives. It has been one brutal winter. Wish we had tea houses near by. The best we can do in Dunkin Doughnuts.