01 September 2007

Tea Tuesday

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My sisters and I had afternoon tea at Tea and Sympathy this week. It's as good as ever, even if I couldn't finish the sandwiches or scones. This has no reflection on the taste, I was just feeling slightly off. Note the (tea)bags under my eyes. Maybe I shouldn't point that out. Anyway, the service was friendly and it was quiet and cheerful around noontime. I had my first Yorkshire Gold, too, and was pleased to find that it stands on its own - no milk needed here!


Anonymous said...

That was fun and delicious.

I look so prim and proper (appropriate for an afternoon tea, though, I guess).

Let's do tea again soon!

Anonymous said...

i'll join you for some autumn in new york stuff. let me know when.

Sanikdotes said...

you gluttons!
Just kidding.
it looks so LOVELY
so delightful...
and you all look so at home.

Anonymous said...

Oh such a nice tea party. Wish I was there with you. And the sweets look yummy.