01 August 2005

Fall Fashion Preview

This year I'm a little too excited about fall fashion. Part of it is, I believe, comparing this fall to the last one. I remember poring through two of those massive September fashion mags in one evening. It was in the waiting room of the Elmhurst Hospital, where my sister was getting an appendectomy. I had to get my mind off what was going on down the hall, so I looked at every page diligently. It was so disappointing - tweed overload, boring boring boring! I like what I see for Fall 2005 - not that I can actually buy anything featured in the glossy ads. Still, I find fall colors reassuring. Everything is deep and rich, velvety and soft. Much more conducive to tea drinking and pastry gorging than sleeveless summer dresses, and not as stifling as husky January overcoats. Plus I prefer boots to sandals - and one has the choice of wearing both from September thru November. There is only one problem. In autumn the fabrics and colors fall prey to pet hair. I have to refrain from cuddling my Cinnamon in the morning. I don't think he'll mind.


k said...

reminds me of that song...
"Fashion! - turn to the left
Fashion! - turn to the right
ooooooooo Fashion!

that's the best i can do at midnight.


Marie said...

I'm excited about fall colors too. Although I'll be in Florida, the malls are already stocked with fall clothing - no joke! The average temperature during winter in FL is 60 but I'm told it can reach 45-50. So I'll be breaking out the sweaters and blazers!

Anonymous said...

Bring on the new season. Of course, autumn's the best season: we were both born then! But seriously, the colors, the weather, the textures and scents...there's just nothing like it.