06 June 2005

Come On Already!

Here's more things that annoy me, and they are both subway related:

1- I hate when people near me on the train decide to yawn without covering their mouth. Everyone does it, but I'm referring to the ones who continue doing it after the first one escapes their mouth. It's just wrong! Most people have at least one free hand they can use to cover their mouth.

2- A girl sat next to me this morning on the train and commenced eating a breakfast sandwich. The smell was revolting, especially first thing in the morning! Come on, guys. If you really have no time to eat anywhere else, bring something unscented. One of these days, the smell may induce me to be sick on the floor of the train, and then you will know what it's like to be thoroughly grossed out first thing in the morning.


Marie said...

Ha ha ha. I'm the #2 person you described. I used to eat breakfast sandwiches whilst on the train!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. This morning, I was smushed in a train between 2 very sweaty men (it must have been at least 85 degrees in the train) and under the arm of a man who had failed to use deoderant...I almost passed out. Oh the joys of NYC transit.