29 November 2005

Shopaholic Delight

One of my favorite stores, Anthropologie is located all over the US. I found this one whilst shopping in Palm Beach Gardens. Amazingly I walked out without buying anything. Two days later is another story. I mean, please! How can I resist gorgeous clothes, home decor, and even teatime paraphernalia? It's made for people like me...well, maybe not the price. Sale section!

In South Beach we also went to Urban Outfitters. I think they are related. They are slightly more affordable and made for a younger market. But I'll never be too old to shop in these places.


Marie said...

Whoops! Sorry about that blurry picture! See! I'm not a photographer. You look like you're in your element.

Neo said...

Gata -Man, run from the malls during xmas. Way to many people scrambling around for me!

Catherine said...

So true; I even shy away from Fifth Avenue until the January sales.