18 October 2006

Book Nostalgia #1: Little Golden Books

As a book lover since early childhood, I thought I'd delve into "old favorites", the books that make me look happily into my past - not necessarily with longing, though it's true that those were simpler times.
Yesterday I was in Posman books in Grand Central Terminal, and I saw The Monster at the end of this Book. I haven't seen this one in years. I used to laugh at how freaked out Grover got every time I turned the page. My grandmother had this book, and visiting her was always a pleasure - other toys, cousins around my age to play with, and children's books. Though times have changed, if I flip the page over, Grover still accuses: "YOU TURNED THE PAGE!!"
I don't think I had The Shy Little Kitten, but she kind of has Zenobia eyes, so I couldn't resist.
Why does the Donny and Marie book look familiar? Did we have it? Possibly, but that would have been dated even when I was a child. I think.
My favorite was The Rainy Day Play Book. A brother and sister are sad that they can't play outside on a rainy day, but they come up with all kinds of activities. It inspired me, a perennial indoor person.
Which was your favorite Golden Book?


Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

This has got to have been one of my favorite post from you. It evokes so many memories in a vauge way. I can't recall anything specific...however,when I was going through some seriously rough times in '91 I purchased a whole selection of them and just looking at the primary colours and simplicity of thought is so sublime. I am going to ask my sister this question...we shared everything so more then likely our little golden books. I wish we still had them. Also...we're going back some 40 years. Thats almost half a century of experience to shuffle through to get to the tender years of ones innocence.
what a beautiful and thoughtful post. I love your blog.

k said...

What an awesome entry. I know I had Little Golden Books, but for the life of me, I can't remember any of the titles. I only remember I liked reading Dr. Seuss books (especially Green Eggs and Ham), and this one book in a series of Sesame Street books we had that was about the Count (I enjoyed his dark and gothic ways). And maybe this was a little Golden Book? --it was a story about a girl who made so much popcorn it filled her entire house. Good times :)

Marie said...

The Monster At The End Of This Book!

OH MY GOODNESS. I had that one. I sincerely did. I can't remember the titles of the other Golden Books I had...but that book certainly was memorable.

Oh to be a kid again....

BonBon said...

My favorite was that one with the cat who had all these kittens and the story was about where each kitten found a home...do you remember Cath, its cover was missing and it was usually found in the toyroom in the drawer underneath the plants...?
Also, the Poky Little Puppy.