27 November 2006


Packing for a trip is always daunting for me. I don't like overpacking, but when I try to minimize, something is always missing. In the past few years I've had two long weekends where I had too few garments to choose from, and though it's good to simplify it was just ridiculous (especially the time I fell in mud in my only jeans. Otherwise I'd packed a skirt, and that was it. Rather pathetic.)

I'm not too worried. This time, though, I'm trying to figure out which books to bring with me. I won't be entirely bookworm, of course, but I must have my books. The question is, which ones? Lately I've started a few that didn't take me past 50 or so pages. It wouldn't be so wonderful to carry unreadable materials. At the moment I have a truckload of books out of the library, and I haven't quite gotten into any of them. By Saturday I have to be hooked on at least two or I will be hopeless!

Last time I went South I bought a bunch of magazines in the airport. I really need to refrain this time. Such a waste of space and money. Anyway I have some non-glossies I need to catch up with, as well as two tea magazines.

Did I mention it's the first time I'll be flying alone? I'm not worried too much; the flight is short and there's Direct TV.

It's fun to be concerned with trivial matters for once.


k said...

I flew back and forth to Michigan alone and loved it. It's very peaceful and somehow keeping up with all the annoying stuff (no liquids in bag, where's the ticket?, did you bring this or that) is easier to deal with when it's just you. I'm glad you get to have this mini vacation. This is the time of year to go get some sunshine...

Marie said...

Flying alone is not only peaceful, but you feel like a stronger person. I get freaked on planes sometimes, but I noticed I'm more freaked when I have a companion. It's nice to just stare out the window and let your thoughts run wild...also nice to read or watch tv on plane. You'll be fine. Its also nice to fly at night...It's more calming to me than a morning/day trip.