16 March 2008

Fun with Liquor

Yeah, I'm a lush. No, not really. I just played around with my ingredients and managed to produce two of my favorite items on any menu. First, I made penne a la vodka a la Gata. It came ridiculously close to what I've enjoyed in Italian restaurants - and mild enough to suit my sensitive palate. Next, Jay came bearing mint and lime (a little comfort gift for my having a surprise visit from my favorite thing about being female during an unexpected weekend). Well, I have one word for you all - Mojito! My favorite drink since 2005, I've never actually made it myself. If I must say so myself, it was quite nice - and of course much cheaper than what I'd get outdoors. Seriously, someone's gotta bring a karaoke mike over (you know you want to, Marie), and it's party time!

Warning: this post is for all my readers 21 and over, or 18 and over in Europe and Canada. I don't know the age in Cuba...

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