21 July 2008


I haven't had much to write about recently, and frankly my brain's been a bit muddled between an inordinate amount of book reading and the dreaded July heat wave. I plan to do one of my book review posts soon, and maybe I'll get myself to a tea room and have something to say about that. Actually, I can say I may a lovely iced tea from my recent Whit-tard purchase: "Blueberry Yoghurt". It didn't even require sweetener. Bubuck's gone over to Bon's for mouse patrol. And I've been to the beach once this summer. That beats last year!

There. I've posted in July.
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Anonymous said...

They look confused, like "Where's Bubuck?"

Bubuck is fine and dandy, keeping the mice at bay and on a diet; the goal is to get him down to a trim 12 pounds.

When will the summer be over?!!

Alas and alack, there's 2 months to go...

Anonymous said...

*waves frantically*

We don't have the heat wave, but theres definitely a lot of muddling going on over her as well. I'm considering hibernation until fall.

Marie said...

It's hard to get cats to trim down if there are more than one. My Max is a big boy, while Isabel is a skinny minnie. I buy Iams multi-cat dry food. I don't want to get the weight control formula because Isabel doesn't need that! At least you have just one...that should be easy.

Gata, you should try to go to the beach again...take the train to Long Beach! I should talk, I live next to one and I don't go as much as I should. But I could go year round practically.