14 August 2008

You never know what you'll see

On my lunch break on Monday, I was walking past Madison Avenue, and saw a group of people watching something, along with a camera crew. Well, well, I thought, there must be a celebrity nearby, so I looked toward the direction everyone else was looking, and let out an audible gasp. Right across the street was The Burger King! I suppose they were filming a commercial.

I've been vocal enough about how those commercials freak me out. It's the same kind of aversion I have for clowns. Why, of all "celebrities" did I have to see him/it? At first I regretted not having my camera with me that day, but then it occurred to me that I don't need to share what I saw with everyone, they've already been awakened by the king via those nightmarish ads.

Well, it's not the first and it's probably not the last time I'll see a TV or movie personality. I don't really get as excited as I used to about this sort of thing. When I was younger, I reacted like Lucy whenever a famous person was nearby. Now I put it all in perspective. It's a novelty, but my day isn't better or worse from such an encounter.

I did consider making my own commercial, with me serving tea, titled: Wake Up With the Queen. I'm not quite as creepy as the King; well, not usually.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Yeah, that Burger King thing is pretty weird.

Funny the things to see in NYC.

Marie said...

Enjoyed this post! I hate that creepy king! I laughed when you mentioned possibly filming a "Wake Up With The Queen"

That would be awesome! You can do that big smile you do with big eyes, dressed Victorian-like.

At least take a picture and post it for us!

Catherine said...

Maybe I will! I could dig out that tiara...