26 September 2008

I feel...okay

While not catching anything amidst swirling masses of strep throat and bronchitis sufferers, I haven't been really well this week. Between the allergies, the migraine and the subsequent migraine meds digestive system backlash, I feel a bit like one of those invalid women in the Jane Austen novels (Anne Elliot's sister, Mrs. Bertram, what was really wrong with them?) So I'm trying to bring myself at least to a 90% level of well.

It's autumn; everyone that knows me or has read this blog knows that this is MY time of year. I really need to step up and take advantage of this season. I have started getting culinary again and plan to do some form of baking this weekend. I've worn velvet recently, and broke out the boots. It could be worse.

So I'm hoping to be pleasantly well by next week. My tea senses are telling me to begin my former regimen of healing herbal infusions in the evening. Mmm...chamomile! Actually, chamomile lavender.


Marie said...

I guess you would classify that as being "under the weather". Although I never actually understood what that term meant anyway. At least you didn't catch anything major. Vitamin C!

It cooled down here, there's a breeze finally. Not suppossed to cool down this early, but I'm not complaining!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your not feeling well. I suffer from migraines to so I know how you suffer. Fall is a beautiful time of year. Trees are changing early this year. Hope they are still nice when you come to visit in a couple of weeks. Aunt Sandy