10 September 2010

A Teany bit Disappointed

I reported a few months back on my first visit to Teany since it reopened. My greatest letdown at the time was that they'd run out of Teanychino. I'm glad to say that at today's visit this was not a problem. The beverage was lovely, and it was, I must say, the perfect day for it. I also had the Teany Tea Sandwich, which succeeded in getting me to eat massive portions of (pickled) beets and actually enjoying it. Dwight Shrute would be proud.

So what am I gonna whine about now? Something quite dear to my heart. It seems Teany has dispensed with Afternoon Tea. They still serve scones, but they no longer provide clotted cream, just butter and jam. Why, Teany? Why? I'm not gonna go into paragraphs of what I love about my three tiers of delight; been there done that. But Teany, you had Afternoon Tea for years. Why the change? If it ain't broke...

What baffles me, though, is that the online menu still has it. Perhaps it hasn't been updated recently: I'd get on that. Otherwise it's just a tease.

Now, I have no problem with the service. Everyone was friendly, and we were certainly not ignored. Of course, we were one of only a handful of people in the cafe. I know it was Friday night, and not everyone decides to go for tea at that time if they're normal, but in the past, even in June, it was more crowded. I don't want to see Teany fare badly; I just want to understand what the changes are about.

Also, they still have the list of teas in a binder, and it's still a good vegetarian eating establishment. As long as there tea loving vegetarians/vegans in New York, Teany could be around for a long time. I wish them well, but I'm moving on.

We didn't stay for dessert; instead, we picked up cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine. I love this place. They've got it decorated like the way I dress - or rather the way I used to before I toned down a little. The furniture is shabby chic, though we only bought cupcakes to go. I'm home now, so I tried the red velvet cupcake ("sexy red velvet" to be exact), and it's perfection. No wonder they were listed recently in a top ten list of best cupcakes in New York. Even better, the cupcakes are $1.50, which is half the price of Magnolia's. I had it with a "Sino the Red" tea, which I'll elaborate on in my next installment.

Right before we went down the steps to the Delancey Street subway station, we caught sight of the Tribute in Light, where the Twin Towers used to be. It looks eerie, kind of spectral. I thought about how some things are gone for good, and sometimes you can't really substitute what's missing. I really hope Teany makes a bigger effort to, though.


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