21 February 2011

Cozy Mondays? and a Pairing

After a relatively busy and responsible weekend, I decided to have a relaxing Monday in. One bonus is that finally it snowed on a day off! It wasn't a crazy snow day, but I'll use it as an excuse to be indoors and cozy.

It started off quite well. I caught up on some reading, and then I popped in a Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett) DVD to watch an episode I hadn't managed to watch in years. So far, so good. Then I noticed Zenobia stalking a corner and I knew the end of relaxation was nigh. If it had been a waterbug, I would have screamed of course, but it would've been quick work. But a smart bug in trouble would've climbed up the wall to get away. Nope. It was a not too smart little mouse that put me through a wild ride, and was later to give a run for a supportive friend's money too. Let's just say it was not a pretty sight, and I got to demonstrate my awesome screaming skills. I know none of this rests with reason: I live with two much larger creatures every day, and Zenobia's the same color of the dearly deceased critter, complete with claws. Anyway, the whole fracas cost me at least three hours of my cozy day.

Holmes ended up being therapy afterwards, and put me in mind of a book I read this month, The Sherlockian by Graham Moore. A new member of an exclusive Sherlock Holmes fan club investigates a murder of another member, who just happened to have recently announced he'd found the lost Arthur Conan Doyle diary. This plot takes turns in chapters with an investigation Doyle gets involved in at the time of the missing diary, along with his friend Bram Stoker, who hasn't yet found fame with a certain horror novel that didn't require glitter. Jeremy Brett was mentioned once, which was enough reason to keep on going. People who both enjoy Sherlock Holmes stories or are avid fans of any writer would likely have fun with this book. I mentioned this in another review, but I'll repeat it here: there was a conversation between a man and a woman about the nostalgic fascination with past times. I've watched episodes of Brett's Holmes and drooled over his study and the morning coats along with the clip clopping of the horses on the cobblestone and yearned to experience that time period for myself. The point raised in the novel I'd considered myself: it wouldn't have been as fun for a woman. You'd have to wear corsets and put your hair in those updos...if you're fortunate you might be Mrs. Hudson!

The tea I'd pair with The Sherlockian is (obviously?) the Baker Street Blend from Upton. It's made from a few different black teas, including Lapsang Souchong. Normally I don't like Lapsang Souchong, but in a blend it's just right. Normally I'm cautious about Sherlock Holmes pastiches, but The Sherlockian is only slightly so.

After a nervewracking game of Caths and Mouse, however, I might just settle down with a cup of peppermint tea.


Emily said...

Hi cousin Cathy :)
I adore Jeremy Brett and as far as I'm concerned he is the only Sherlock :)
Sorry your relaxing day was interrupted. Hope you have a good week!

Catherine said...

Hi cousin Emily!!!
I like the modern-day Sherlock guy, but nobody, NOBODY beats Jeremy Brett. One of the few TV series I own the entire DVD set of.
Have a good week too...happy reading!

Elizabeth said...

The Baker Street Blend sounds perfect for this book - I guess I'll have to search it out too for one of my tea friends is raving about it as well. And Jeremy Brett is definitely the best Sherlock! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend Monday - sans mouse, of course.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just a note, for those who don't know: Lapsang Souchong, though believed by some to be Sherlcok Holmes's favorite tea, was never mentioned anywhere in Doyle's books. Many instances of tea, none to a specific kind or blend or variety. Here's a link for reference: http://www.catteacorner.com/holmestea.htm
So many people tend to make this mistake so it's nothing to feel bad about if you or anyone else has. Don't take it personal, or anything.
Also, I, too, like Jeremy Brett's interpretation of the character. Still, the others are also interesting to see. (I tend to favor Watsons, though, so any good interpretation of *his* character is a treat to see. Damn you, Nigel Bruce! You brought Watson into his true role as sidekick but you made him into a buffon of a comic relief character so much so that at one point Lestrade seemed smarter by comparison! Where is my ladies-man gentleman army medic of action,huh!? Jude Law? Martin Freeman?)