25 April 2013

Eight years!

I used to have a remarkable date memory, but it seems to have dwindled a bit.  I'm hoping it just means I have things of significance filling my head, but maybe that's not worth exploring.  Anyway, last week this blog hit its eight year anniversary, and though it's gone through many changes, it is still essentially the same.  I can't really narrow it down to a Tea Blog or a Book Blog, a Cat Person blog, and certainly not a Fashion Blog, but that's fine with me.  As I've said many times before, it's closest to a Tea Blog in that it's what I talk about most here, but it's more of a Tea Time Blog.  If it were a physical entity, it would be my living room, where I invite people in, offer them tea and cakes, and talk about books, news, pens, music, whatever.  My cats come wandering in, sniffing around or jumping onto an available lap.  Sometimes I gripe about whatever's been annoying me lately, and my guests might respond in kind.  Then I'll whip out my albums, and everyone will be subjected to my latest snaps from London or wherever I've been wandering.  Eventually our time together ends, and it's 'til next time! 

I hope you've all enjoyed yourselves.  Come back soon!

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Linda said...

Hi Catherine, just came across your blog today. My blog, as well, is difficult to categorize. However, I kind of like the element of surprise. You have a very nice blog.