11 August 2016

There's just no pleasing me...

I can read on the subway, on the bus, on the plane, in some cars, at lunch, at tea, at home...almost everywhere.  I avoid walking and reading, usually: a couple of times I've gotten off my train in the middle of a crucial point in my book, and I can't wait to see what happens next.  Even then, I'll try the quieter streets.  Just like I don't like people texting on their phones bumping into me, I prefer not to be a nuisance.

One reading spot, which is beloved by many, I just can't get into, and that's in the bath. It is an awkward experience. I've tried to make it work - you know those bathtub caddies?  It holds everything you need to have a soak with the most. I've had them before, but here's the thing: the book stays dry, but what about when you need to turn the page?  What about an e-reader?  Well, all I need is for a knee to go rogue and knock the whole thing into the drink. Too risky.  

A magazine is an occasional exception.  For instance, on my last visit to London, my friend and I stayed three nights in a hotel that was kind of posh for someone like me.  The bathtub was massive, especially compared to the one at home, and had a window overlooking the West End (well, mostly the theater housing The Lion King, but still pretty amazing.)  At this point, I thought I'd be cheating myself if I didn't at least try a luxurious soak, and so I grabbed a complimentary decorating mag and indulged.  Even then, it wasn't the delight I'd hoped it would be.  Why?  Well, maybe it's the bath taking itself.  I like it for a short time, and then I'm done.  I stopped buying Lush bath bombs because it didn't make sense to waste five bucks on something that I'd be bored of within minutes.  I've tried bringing a glass of wine, and that's almost worth it, and then I'm bored again.  Tea doesn't work, either, unless it's iced, and then I want a porch, not a tub.

Is this a failing of mine?  I suppose I can watch Netflix on my tablet, or listen to audio books to pass the time.  Or maybe I should stick to singing in the shower (sorry neighbors)...

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