03 October 2017


Spongecake Squarecath

Edinburgh is a wonderful city.  I only detected one criticism, and that's the lack of restaurants with kitchens open after 9pm.  I could learn to live with that, though...

My criteria for a lovable city varies, but here's some things: walkability, real park space, people that I love in residence, temperate weather, cozy cafes and/or pubs, history, architecture, and some form of literary community.  Edinburgh has many of these, and today I'm going to focus on a cafe that stole the hearts of both myself and Bathy (especially Bathy.)

Lovecrumbs is kind of hipstery, and if you've had more than one conversation with me, you've heard my not-quite-positive views on the whole hipster thing.  However, as Bathy is quick to remind me, they do coffee right.  They tend to do a good job with tea as well.  So I shall forgive the hipster vibe, and the shop-window seating that Bathy coveted but we couldn't snag, and focus on the best thing.


Lovecrumbs passed the Victoria Sponge test with flying colors.  In fact, on our second visit, I tried an orange variation thereof and was smitten.  In subsequent perusal of reviews (why do I sound like I work at a law firm?), I found others were effusive in their Cake Praise.  On that alone I shall recommend.

Bathy loved the coffee, which I think came from a company called Steampunk, but I won't expand on that as I have limited knowledge (still, try the coffee if you'd like!)  I had the Violet Petal black tea, which was heavenly, if you like violet flavoring, which I do. They give you a thermos of hot water, which may not be as cute as a teapot, but it did what it needed to.  Had a Lemongrass and Marigold tisane the second time, which was nice, but the violet remains my favorite.

What I liked about the cafe itself is that it was large and airy, but had cozy places to sit and people watch, read, etc., while having some CAKE!  And it has WiFi, which never hurts when you're out of town, or anywhere, frankly.

I'll have to do any all-around Edinburgh post, but I thought we'd start with a favorite and work our way in.  For now, I'll say it's a good thing Edinburgh is a walking town, as there is much to walk off!

A nice cuppa, all is well.



Bonnie said...

That looks like I place I would definitely love, too! The hot chocolate options also looked delicious, and I'm not even a hot chocolate drinker.

Catherine said...

Ohh I didn't even explore the hot chocolate! Must be excellent on a damp Scottish day!