07 December 2018

Brew's Lee Tea

I'm still amazed at how I can squeeze new tea experiences out of every visit to San Antonio.  It's not a Tea Destination, at least not at first glance. 

I remember when Bonnie first moved to Texas, one of her personal challenges was finding decent bubble tea (or Boba, your choice).  Even quirky Austin was disappointing on that score.  Things have changed in five years!

Enter Brew's Lee.  Well, entered over a year ago now - but last November it had just opened so I couldn't make it.  It's a fun, 'Instagrammable' shop with celebrity pillows and selfie opportunities throughout, and ample seating which always helps.  Thankfully, that's not all it is.  Atmosphere is important, but quality is vital.

The families of the owners grow tea in Taiwan, so there's some serious Oolong going on here.  The drinks are usually sweetened (at varying levels), which normally takes away somewhat from the genuine Oolong flavor, but in this case, and with iced tea, it just works.  Plus, we're talking Texas here.  They just love their sweet tea!

As I usually don't go to the same place twice during each San Antonio visit, I knew I wasn't going to be able to try all the flavors.  I was impressed by the Split Cup.  You get two flavors - the best of both worlds!  So I had an Oolong Milk Tea, and a Glowing Tea (herbal concoction). I was still kinda hyped up on caffeine, but only to the point that I was Chatty Cathy.  

There are snacks (I had a donut), but I probably won't go for food food there, because when I'm in Texas I need to eat as everywhere as possible, within my own diet restrictions (they vary).

Please give this place a try if you're nearby!  Boba abounds nowadays, but quality to this extent is rare indeed.

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Bonnie said...

YES! My favorite bubble tea place!!!! Just went there yesterday, the first time after you were in SA. Their noodle bowl is actually really tasty, but I get how you like to eat as everywhere as possible lol.