30 October 2019

Something Different

Thought I'd share a few images from my recent trip to California, in no particular order.

For as long as I can remember I'd had people encouraging me to go to California - usually to either San Francisco or San Diego.  I knew it had to be a worthwhile trip, despite the earthquakes, wildfires, need of a car, and other things that set my anxiety to astronomic levels.  I did want to go.  But when I had only a couple of vacation weeks I didn't want to 'waste' my time, not to mention my tiny travel budget.  Plus, I'm a bit obsessed with London, if you haven't noticed, and try to get there as often as possible. I knew a few people who lived in different parts of California, and would love to see them, but again, limited time and money.  When my friend Cathy (Bathy) moved to San Diego earlier this year, though, I had a feeling I'd find my way to the West Coast.

Bathy and I had intended to go back to London in September, but our plans didn't seem to work.  Too many little obstacles.  But I'd had the week off scheduled, and realized this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.  

Thankfully, California met my expectations, and sometimes exceeded them.  San Diego surprised me in that it was much more walkable than expected.  Plus, add good weather, happy dogs everywhere (and two friendly neighborhood cats), and a proliferation of Little Free Libraries, and I could probably live there.  But no rush.

Outside the Blackmarket Bakery, where I had breakfast (and tea) a few times. You're nearly always guaranteed outside seating weather.

La Jolla Cove - some of their best residents.

Pacific Surfrider - the best way to get to LA!

Pitchoun! near The Last Bookstore.  Excellent break.

I mean, at least one duckie! (Balboa Park)

Hotel Del Coronado.  Legendary.

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