08 May 2006

It's one of those What I Did On My Weekend moments

More like what didn't I do this weekend? I'm a little exhausted, if that's possible.

On Friday night I went with the girls to Stanton Social. It's in one of my favorite NY locations, the Lower East Side, down the block from Teany. First you feast with your eyes, then the food. I did like trying different kinds of food, though I agree with Steph that the fish was so-so...but I am not a fish person. Predictably, I ordered the Social Tea for my drink, and it was citrusy with real gunpowder green tea. Dessert was a delight. My "stomach" was a bit wild that night, but otherwise I'm glad I came out and spent time with such fabulous people. Normally I'm not a big fan of needing reservations, even for tearooms. I enjoyed myself nonetheless - sometimes doing something a bit different gives out the feeling that one is away on vacation (I think one of the ladies remarked on this, and they are right.)

Whilst walking off our meal, Cathy B. and I saw a place in St. Marks Place called "Sympathy for the Kettle." It sounded familiar, probably from one of the tea websites I frequent. Instantly my curiositea kicked in, and I knew I'd need to check this place out as soon as possible.

I spent most of Saturday morning in brooding mode. I had much on my mind and the black cloud began to hover. The best therapy for me is a long walk on a nice day, and as I have the unlimited metrocard this month I took the subway down to 8th Street and walked and walked. After a parasol run in Pearl River, I got away from crowded Broadway and explored the East Village. When I passed by Sympathy for the Kettle, a sign said "Closed for Private Party from 3 to 5PM." At this point it was 430, so I decided to have a rest in Tompkins Square Park. Around this time I also managed to buy some books - I must write about my home library soon.

How nice to relax, with no obligation to anyone for the rest of the day! Of course one must not make a habit of treating the weekends as one long holiday, but here and there it's all right.

When the party was over, mine began. The staff at Sympathy were friendly without being gushy, and more than informative. The owner, Jodie Holiday, must be in my age range, and for a young person (yes, we're young! Objective overruled!) she has remarkable tea wisdom. She creates her own blends of tea, one of which, Green Paradise, I was able to try and love. I drank a whole pot and became quite conversational with her and another frequent patron whose name I did not get. I told them about Laura Childs' tea mysteries, because something about this place reminded me of the teashop in those novels. Of course - the helpful suggestions! Though the walls were a cheerful pink it was not overgirly - I noticed there were couples. I did not see any scones, but the baked items on offer were more than sufficient. I sat with a slice of red velvet cake that perfectly complemented my fruity tea, making me reminisce about the Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Actually, the whole room smelled heavenly. Did I mention they have board games? Scrabble, anyone? Oh, and free wifi???? Gata get a laptop! I recommend this place over most tearooms in NY - 4 3/4 teacups out of 5 - only because it's a little small, nothing to do with the quality of the place, people or fare. (Marie, it's right across the street from the Crooked Tree!)

Afterwards I shopped till I dropped at Trader Joe's. What a bargain! Not as crowded as I'd feared, but busy nevertheless.

Later in the evening I visited my sister's home (Pam and Carlos) and had some barbecued food. So far, a completely varied gastronomic weekend.

Sunday was the conclusion of the CO visit (fantastic last talk.) Had marvelous masaman curry at a Thai place on 30th Ave (not Angel or Pavilion, the other one.) Then on to Cold Stone for a final food explosion.

Comic relief came in the form of Zenobia, whose picture I will share with you soon. I took her to be groomed in the morning, and now the matted mess is completely bald, and quite the sight! Haven't laughed that hard in a while.


k said...

it sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. sometimes those solo excursions are really all that's needed to slip out of the blues.

k said...

i haven't seen an adult write the word "caca" in my life. LOL
besides (for a My Big Fat Greek Wedding moment)

ehem :greek accent:

"cacophonic come from the Greek word "kakos," meaning "bad," and "phone," meaning "sound." so, cacophonic mean "bad sound" --there you go!"

Marie said...

I enjoyed your descriptive weekend. It sounded nice, like you had peace of mind being by yourself. I'm enjoying myself this week because I'm all by myself.