30 May 2006

On my own....

I had my first beach day yesterday. For the very first time in my life, I went to the beach alone. I'm sure that's not a major accomplishment, but some people won't even see a movie by themselves.

This picture is a view from the bathroom line. Half an hour: you'd think for a $7 admission they could have better facilities... and do something so that there would be no shards of glass scattered randomly about the sand. A little scary for barefoot grounds. My last negative thought: um, is there a no smoking area? I came here for fresh air, which I needed after a day of being laid up with a migraine.

Still, it was a pleasant, breezy day at the beach, which left me with the slightest of tans and a gorgeous nap. The actual highlight of my day was the Starbucks near the LIRR station in Long Beach. It's got so much seating area, I felt more spacious there than I did at the beach. The train ride back and forth was rather nice. Cozy. I tend to go for train travel. If I had more vacation time, I'd go all over Europe via train, possibly a cross country in the US would be fun too.

It's nice to be on my own sometimes. I rather like my company - solitude is underrated. Only thing is, there was no one to watch my stuff if I wanted to do my frolicking on the shore line. I did get to finish one of my books, though. I felt good, really good.

I still like going out with my friends. I'm only a part-time hermit.


k said...

sounds so nice! this week is a good beach week--I actually thought about going, but not being able to drive (and not thinking about the LIRR as I've never been on it before) I didn't go. it's really cool you enjoy your own company. that is actually a virtue and a protection from being lonely and mopey (ha, I would know...& to a fault!).

Anonymous said...

You were at Long Beach! What a fabulous beach that used to be. My grandfather had an ice cream store right in the middle of the boardwalk. I used to drop over the rail and spend many happy hours sifting sand for loose change where the underside of the boardwalk met the building foundations!

Bring a good book and a timer. Read. Set the timer for 30 minutes. Turn on the half hour to get an even tan.

Catherine said...

Thanks for the tanning advice and reminiscense, Lynne!

Marie said...

Ah...the beach. I have been a beach bum. I haven't gone alone yet...but I will someday. It's extremely peaceful. I've gone the last couple of weekends to two different beaches. Juno beach is very nice - NO fee...and very convenient. I liked it very much. McArthur Beach on the other hand is beautiful. It's a reserve, so it's mostly untouched other than the long beautiful wide wooden bridge and flying fish. The entrance looks like the jungle, and when you get back there it's very private and raw looking. I will write a blog about this anyway...and include pics. So stay tuned!