24 May 2006

Not That Noble

I'm decidedly cranky today.
I normally go out to lunch at noon, which some people consider early, but I've grown accustomed to it. More importantly, I am conditioned to get a little manic if I haven't gone out by 1230. Today I had to go out at a quarter to two, which is unusual, but it is good to be flexible when possible. Sadly, my stomach/head/equilibrium, thought otherwise. Bon went out a little earlier than me, and she said she'd be getting lunch at the Barnes and Noble cafe. So when my time came I figured I'd meet her, even though I was not in the mood for the lunch items they have on offer there. I was especially not up to the long wait a customer is subjected to whenever they are ordering a food item instead of just a drink. So on the way to the bookshop I went to another place and picked up a turkey burger and fries to go. I thought I could just get a drink at B & N and eat my food at one of the tables with Bon, just like I've seen many customers doing.
Of course, the day I try this one of the workers (possibly the manager) tried very politely to tell me that it's against their policy to have outside food - one of the main reasons being the smell. Then he backtracked a little (after I remarked on my past observations of outside food in the vicinity), making an American Hugh Grant apology about calling my food offensive smelling, blah blah blah, and said it's okay today, but in future please don't do it.
Now I'm certainly not one to step on company policy, I'm not a rebel or anything. Still, the way I was approached gave me a bad vibe. I mean, I'm in the middle of chewing, there's not a sign in sight regarding this policy, and I'm a paying customer nevertheless. Besides, I'm accompanying a person who bought her entire meal, and then dessert, and possibly a magazine, from B & N. Why must they split hairs with me? This is not to mention (here's where I get huffy) that I'm a Barnes and Noble customer for decades, a book addict, a music lover, and (unfortunately) a Starbucks patron. I had one of those Members Cards, where you pay $25 a year to get 10% off all your purchases. I don't think it was such a deal, so I never renewed it. Notwithstanding, I have spent more money in Barnes and Noble than I've spent on all the other book related companies combined! Perhaps they don't know this by looking by me, but it should be a consideration.
Anyway, I'm now suffering from indigestion and the threat of a migraine. I think I'm gonna lay off B&N for a while. Unless I'm in the area and I need to use the bathroom, ha ha. Let's see them try to stop me from doing that!


k said...

that's really snotty of them. ew.

Catherine said...

I was inconspicuous as possible. Normally I wouldn't even go to Eckerd with a Duane Reade bag. But it wasn't just my decades of patronage that bothered me - I was meeting a person who had ordered a full meal. If I was alone it would have made more sense.

Anonymous said...

let's face it. some people don't have anything better to do than bug other people. talk about anal. by the way, was the drink you bought there conspicuous? if it was, then the guy really needs to get a life.

Catherine said...

Yes, it was one of those tall Tazo Ice Teas. Maybe if I'd tipped them things would be different (note Bon's tipping blog)