26 June 2006

Movie Magic

Bonnie and I were walking on 42nd Street between 5th and Madison on our lunch break today. The rain was tapering off, but we still needed an umbrella. I looked down for a moment, and then did a double take. Why was there snow on the ground? It was gathered around the curb like a February day a few days after a snowstorm. For a moment I thought maybe someone had dumped ice from a restaurant refrigerator - latent memories of defrosting the freezer in the 80's. The I noticed there was the same kind of snow across the street. I was briefly dumbfounded until I realized where we were. Midtown Manhattan. Every week a block here and there was used for filming a movie scene. Often I will pass by postings informing everyone that parking will be prohibited for so many hours because a studio is filming a future blockbuster, or maybe an episode of Law and Order.

Mystery solved. As a non-driver, it doesn't usually bother me that trailers will be taking over a whole busy block of Manhattan. When they were filming a scene for an upcoming Uma Thurman movie in Astoria, it was slightly annoying that I couldn't walk by a corner shop that normally I could pass without a second thought. I don't lose sleep over it, though.

I still think it's fun that by the miracle of modern movie making, we can have winter in June. I'd have taken a picture, but I'm sure I'll see that block full of snow in a few months anyway - if not, I'll catch it in my local theater.


Catherine said...

I caught the sign for the movie, I think it's called "Jumper"...the "snow" is like sugar crystals, but I didn't taste it to see!

Marie said...

I would love to be an extra!