12 June 2006

When You Need a Little Tea and Sympathy...

I happened to have a doctor's appointment near Tea and Sympathy. Pam was with me, and we couldn't resist. Tea and Sympathy is the first NY tearoom I'd ever been to. My first visit was either 94 or 95, I actually can't remember. I was so green back then. No idea what kind of tea to order, I ended up with some random black tea. Over a decade later, now I'm much more specific. On Friday I was in dire need of caffeine, so I ordered Yorkshire Gold. I was awake for the rest of the day. We weren't too hungry, so Pam and I both got the the cream tea and split a coronation chicken sandwich (no tomatoes!)

Tea and Sympathy does not boast a variety of scones, but what they have is fine. Their biggest selling point for me is the generous heapings of clotted cream...oh, and their puddings! There was no room in my stomach for one of those but Pam and I debated ordering one, but we decided to get real. Next time for the treacle, the chocolate cake, the apple crumble, whatever....must go back soon!

We also visited Carry on Tea and Sympathy, with all their British paraphernalia. I bought a tin of tea (Rosie Lee, if you're Cockney) and 2 little boxes of Ribena. Besides tea, Ribena is my favorite thing to drink when I'm in England, followed closely by the Cadbury Hot Cocoa.

Afterwards, we took a peaceful walk to Trader Joe's. I love that whole Chelsea/Union Square area. It's not as crazy as Midtown and not as snotty as Uptown. Plus, there is a plethora of tea shops. GATA love it!


Marie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day despite the doctor's visit. Soothing to have tea in good company. You have the same tea face whenever you take a picture holding a teacup! :)

Catherine said...

That's my Serenitea face!