30 October 2006

Vroman's Nose

Just came back from a fantastic weekend upstate. On Friday we hiked on Vroman's Nose, which is basically up a mountain and full of incomparable views. Fall foliage! More upstate pics to come.
(By the way, it took a lot of effort to get pics with my eyes open. This happens too often. It is, of course, the only reason I had to give up a promising career as a supermodel.)


Anonymous said...

when len first mentioned hiking, i thought he said roman's nose, and i thought, well-- not all italians have large noses. when i saw the spelling, i felt really dumb. the view was really fantastic, and i thought i'd pee my pants laughing at every shot len took of you with your eyes closed. a really great weekend.

Marie said...

Looked like fun! Very outdoorsy and crisp.

k said...

So lovely. And Bon's laughter in the last one is priceless. Looks like so much fun!