15 June 2007


This kind of expresses how I've felt the past couple of days.

Thanks for your response on my last post. I think I'll keep it up for a while, just not when I'm feeling like the above pic.

Love you all! (Except when I'm cranky, sorry about that in advance and in retrospect.)
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Sanikdotes said...

thats what friends are for.
the goof
he bad and the ugly...

I mean good....

hope ur feeling better.;(

Marie said...

Does that Zenobia pic imply she's been feeling as lousy as you these past couple of days? Ha ha.

Love ya too, when your not cranky! Ha ha haaaa (Evil laugh)

Do feel better.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy
Zenobia is looking much better. What is wrong? You need to get out of that big city and come up here and breath in some real country air. Anytime. You are always welcome.