12 October 2007

The Golden Age? Not of History!

I went to see the new movie about Queen Elizabeth - or should I say the Cate Blanchett sequel. I like Ms. Blanchett, and her portrayal of the Virgin Queen. I love a good costume drama, too. I just need to keep my Historical Accuracy Hat at the door.

Throughout the duration of the movie, I kept wanting to look around the audience and ask, "you do know that's not really what happened right? Where is Robert Dudley or the Cecils? Why all the focus on Raleigh?" (not that Clive Owen is difficult on the eyes, but my head throbbed with all the historical incorrectness.)

It's like someone took the Elizabethan timeline and mixed it up a bit. Well, a lot. I'm sure it made the story all the more interesting to the unknowing viewers, but anyone who's read at least one biography of the first Queen Elizabeth would have a really hard time getting past the loose ends. Not to mention the annoying astrologer scenes - they really could have done without that.

I would recommend this movie to those who are not perfectionists about facts while watching a "historical" movie, the way I'd recommend "Becoming Jane" to all the folks who think the newest "Pride and Prejudice" was faithful to Austen's most famous novel.

Can't help but love the costumes, though.


Marie said...

What movie is historically accurate nowadays? Hope it was aesthetically pleasing.

Catherine said...

It certainly was aesthetically pleasing, except during the somewhat gory parts. The dresses and jewelry were wonderful.