16 March 2008

Live With Disappointment

I'm not writhing with disappointment, but there are two things that I look forward to every year that aren't happening:

Jasper Fforde isn't coming out with a new book until 2009. I'm going to have to find something else to make me laugh this July. Well, it's been a good six summers (not really, but the books helped.) Maybe this year I'll have to re-read a Fforde.

Then there's Tartan Week. For the past couple of years, the first week of April tourism to Scotland is promoted with all kinds of events in Midtown. The one I've seen is the Scottish Village in Grand Central Terminal. It was a fun place to see during the hectic lunch hour, and I personally thought it was a positive thing - yes, even the shortbread. Now I read that it's being shelved this year. Am I going to have to actual visit Scotland myself? Maybe I'll just curl up with some Robert Burns and a bit of haggis. How cliched is that?

Well, as they say, it's not the end of the world.


Anonymous said...

The Scottish Village thing is really disappointing. Being as I'd LOVE to go to Scotland and haven't yet had the chance to, this was my minitrip, next-best-thing. SIGH.
Re Jasper Fforde, as you know, I'm STILL reading his 2007 release, so I wasn't quite ready for a new book anyway, so I'm not too disappointed. But is his next book going to be in the Nursery Crime series or Thursday Next?

Sanikdotes said...

It is disheartening when our favorite constants seem to go by way of oblivia...
so that saying--it not the end of the world--
should be rephrased' its the end of the world as we know it..'
and the question remains;
Do we feel fine?