14 June 2008


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Two visits to Wagamama within the space of two weeks, and I'm not even in London! Not a bad deal. This time I was in the Cambridge Branch. I am proud to say I lasted longer than I ever had with chopsticks. I think the thick noodles helped. Here I look like I've been sponsored by Staples. Nope. I just love to give out free publicity. I'm a giving kind of girl. For my lovely meal, I had a ginger-heavy concoction to combat the possible motion sickness on my return bus trip. It seems to have helped. Though I didn't finish the whole thing, it certainly fueled me for a good portion of the day.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm...not too crazy about the way I look in that picture (what else is new?) But I do look contented. Which was how I felt after tasting that soup! It was SO satisfyingly delicious. I wish there was a Wagamama's in NYC, but w/lunch specials!!!
Definitely have to revisit Boston.