12 June 2008

Boston, Part One

This is the first in a series of posts about my two day trips to Boston. It turned out to be a city I'd put in my top ten for certain. It's big enough to have variety, but not as crazy as NY, so I did actually feel like I went away.
Here we see my joy at finding a Whittard in the US. (I'm a little miffed at finding out it's pronounced Whit-tard instead of my way of saying it which sounded more like whittle.) They also have a blend-your-own-tea section, though it's kind of pricey.
We also see Daphne joyfully awaiting her healthy meal at Wagamama. What a fantastic place for comfort food! They're also quite accommodating for those with food allergies or dietary requirements. All of this happened at Faneuil Hall, a nice if touristy section full of shops and restaurants (they have their own Cheers).
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Anonymous said...

Did you happen to hit the aquarium?
How about Quincy Market. My mother and I plan a bus trip to Boston hopefully sometime in October. Was it real crowded there? I have been to Boston before, many years ago and I did like it.

Catherine said...

We were near the Aquarium, and we did go to the Market. Next time we're definitely gonna do the Aquarium. It wasn't crowded by NYC standards, but the T trains were a little crowded midday.

Anonymous said...

WHY oh WHY must we say WhitTARD?
Oh well, even with the funny sounding pronunciation, I still like that store and wish it would come to NYC. It's really nice to have a part in the blending process.
Daphne looks very happy, and you do, too (as you must in front of any tea place, O Tea Queen ;)