30 May 2008

Looking Back

Some silly moments from London 1998...as we approach the tenth anniversary:

From top, left to right: They Call Me Sinead, What Do You Think?, Bowtie, Catwalk in Covent Garden, I Hate Money, Where the Heck Did I Go?, Ye Olde Kensington Market, Freckles, Hello How Are Ya?

I know most people seeing this are gonna say, huh? Sorry!
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Sanikdotes said...

i love that picture of you...can u send me a copy?

Anonymous said...

who on earth is that woman with the glasses?

Catherine said...

Pammy, you're just gonna hafta watch that video again!

Marie said...

LOL...To load the page and see this is hilarious. You captured the best moments of the video...great collage!

10 years, what?!?

And yes, I still hate money.