30 May 2008

Looking Back

Some silly moments from London 1998...as we approach the tenth anniversary:

From top, left to right: They Call Me Sinead, What Do You Think?, Bowtie, Catwalk in Covent Garden, I Hate Money, Where the Heck Did I Go?, Ye Olde Kensington Market, Freckles, Hello How Are Ya?

I know most people seeing this are gonna say, huh? Sorry!
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stevie- mono no aware said...

i love that picture of you...can u send me a copy?

pj pammy said...

who on earth is that woman with the glasses?

Gata said...

Pammy, you're just gonna hafta watch that video again!

.:.marie.:. said...

LOL...To load the page and see this is hilarious. You captured the best moments of the video...great collage!

10 years, what?!?

And yes, I still hate money.