12 November 2008

Appetite Suppressant? Ha!

I love tea and will always recommend it for whatever health complaints I hear of. I don't think it's a cure-all, but I've seen its benefits. Green tea, for example, is what I run to when my actual stomach is bothering me. I also find that when I'm coming down with something it coincides with a streak of limited green tea drinking. So yes, it's good for you. Drink it, by all means (not at night, insomniacs!)

I do beg to differ when it comes to one benefit: I keep reading that green tea helps you lose weight, as it's an appetite suppressant. Really? Why is it that every afternoon I decide to have a nice cup of Sencha or Lung Ching or whatever variety floats my boat, I am suddenly ravaged by hunger? It doesn't matter what I've had for lunch, as soon as I'm done with that cup I'm running for chips, cookies, cake, anything that will hold me off till dinner. Maybe it's just me, being my contrary self.

Am I the only one? I just don't think it's right to hail green tea as a weight loss drink, if this is the side effect.

I just had a flippin' cupcake.


Anonymous said...

So I guess there's a cupcake in your past, now.

Seriously, though, maybe it's just a habit that you've gotten into: eating a mid-afternoon snack with or after your afternoon tea. So, maybe your hunger is psychosomatic. You think you should eat with your tea, b/c you usually do, therefore you get hungry...am I getting to out there with this one?

Catherine said...

I would say that, but it's not really a habit of mine to have a snack - maybe once a week. Maybe I'll try black tea in the afternoon and see if I get hungry, but it seems it's every time I have green tea my hunger is escalated.

Anonymous said...

You are too funny!!!!! I have also heard green tea is good for those trying to loose weight. Who knows!!Me I will stick to my flavored coffee. Pumpkin spice--oh so nice!!