16 November 2008

Paper: My Best/Worst Friend

I really have an interesting relationship with paper. Yes, paper, the stuff made from trees and sometimes recycled. I realized this as I was doing some intense housecleaning this weekend.

The Hate: I can't seem to get it in control! I know we have online bill paying nowadays, but there's still loads of important and semi-important paperwork coming into my home and, of course, at work. At least at work we're expected and paid to have paper all over the place. At home, though, it's preferable to keep things tidy; and envelopes, magazines, catalogs, printouts...where can it go? I've never been able to have a proper filing system. I think it's one of the reasons I haven't gotten into any creative paper projects recently (I have some lovely scrapbooking and card making books and supplies, but the thought of pulling it all out and then having to face THAT...now I know why people are organizing their photos digitally.) Having a shredder is excellent, but it almost makes a dent in my war against paperjunk.

The Love: I'm absolutely mad for books. I detest reading books online, and I haven't warmed up to the idea of Kindle or those forms of readers. Holding a book in my hand and escaping for a while, and learning something new while I'm at it: I can't ask for a greater pleasure, and such a nice tactile experience. The same goes for journaling. As mentioned in previous posts, I never gave up writing in bound blank books, and I doubt I ever will. To me, this blog is simply a complement of my written records. The smell of paper items doesn't hurt. A magazine could cover the subject of grouting, but if it smells good (the magazine not the grout), just crack it open and it's budget aromatherapy. Oh, and let's not forget brown paper packages tied up with strings! The sound of someone wrapping a package is powerfully calming. I suppose I get this from my Dad. He would fall asleep to the sound of papers being turned, and had a special cassette from a Mr. Rogers episode when they did origami in his neighborhood.

It seems to me I love paper more than I hate it. I just wish I could conquer Mt. Paperpile.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, organizing paper, esp. at home is pretty boring and annoying. I'd actually rather do dishes and maybe even laundry than organize paper.

But yeah, reading an actual book or magazine is way better than reading from a computer screen. Way better. The smell, feel and sound of books and magazines are wonderful!

Marie said...

Speaking of which, I went through a PILE of mail that I have been ignoring today...the accumulation of paper is neverending. It's true, despite online billing and whatnot - the paper flow doesn't stop! It's horrible to think of how much goes in the shredder...oh well.

Yeah, I don't like reading off a screen - so I don't think I would do well taking an online course. Physical books are just so much better, and you have the sensory experience. Wouldn't trade that in.

Marie said...

Love that pic of Zeno by the way...how fitting. When I have a magazine on the ground, Isabel likes to come round and spend half a minute pawing at the smooth surface, it's so funny!