21 January 2009

The Grand Tour


Library, facing the window.


Extreme Close Up! -Fiction

Zenobia, Tent, Library

Courtesy of Ikea, the cats have their own tent in my library. So far Zenobia's claimed it.


Can't leave Moofer out! And his tissue.

There you have it. The books, the teapots, the cats. A lot like this blog.


Marie said...

Cute! I love the pics! You can tell your library is your prized posession, it's so neat! :) Cute cat tent. I bought a cat tent from Target...Isabel usually sits in it, but Max usually comes to bother and fight w/ her....

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful library. Something to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

A library Felix would be proud of ;)

It's really lovely. Definitely a cozy haven. And the cats seem satisfied, too. Moofer looks a bit dopey...too much mmmbrAah (the noise he makes chasing lights) has made him loopy, heehee.

Anonymous said...

i'm still waiting for blueberry cake and tea in your library. the gray hairs are-a-growin'!

Mr. Nauton said...

looks great! -- I'm jealous of all the wall space afforded books, my decorator insists on other furniture, such as sofas, over more shelves. I think she's crazy.

Catherine said...

Fire your decorator and save money. Now you can buy more books AND some nice shelves! Just my two cents.