15 January 2009

Ice Queen of Astoria

Yes, it's really cold this week. No, I don't like it. Still, it could be worse.

In the morning, when I'm walking to the subway, ears tearing, breathing labored, hat head forming, I try to think of something positive about the weather. It's hard when it's extreme cold. December's coat weather wasn't too bad, because it was possible to be fashionable wintry. Now it's just layer-so-I-don't-get-hypothermia-wear. Not cool, so to speak.

What winter does have over the summer is the tea perks. I baked a good deal in the past week. For the first time ever, I made crumpets - and they were nice! With jam they were pretty special, but with honey I was truly in love. The only drawback was that though they're made on the stove, between waiting 30 minutes for the yeast to take effect and having to cook it in cookie cutters (and I don't have too many of the proper size), it took longer than some baked items. I suppose it was worth the wait. I also found a recipe for lemon blueberry loaf. Next time I'll scale down on the sugar, but otherwise, I have to say it was a sensual experience.

There's nothing like to dead of winter for having the excuse to stay indoors with the furballs and curl up with one of my 81 books for the year. So far, 3 completed. I think we can remedy this...time to put the kettle on!

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Marie said...


Ania said...

Just wanted to say that I love you header image and blog description! Tea and books are inseperable. Cats I'm allergic to, but I do have my dog. All three are good to curl up with on a cold day!

Anonymous said...

wow!it was so cold, your ears were tearing. that's a new one!

Anonymous said...

Haahaa, ears tearing, that is funny (although we know what you meant).
I have a couple of cute, fashionable coats, but lately it's been my puffy brown one that definitely makes me look 20 pounds heavier along with hat head. But at least I'm not shivering on my long walk to the subway. 15 minutes in 15 degrees would kill me if it weren't for my puffy coat.
BTW, where's my crumpet? Blemmit.