23 March 2010

Inspiration at Grand Central Station

Seeing the whimsical window treatment at Posman Books in Grand Central Terminal was one of the highlights of Monday afternoon. The bookshop is already one of the places that makes you want to slow down in the busy thoroughfare...




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How could I not drink it all in?

Now I'm moved to consider having another tea party at my place. It'll have to wait until May, as I'll be inordinately busy in April. Still, the planning is the best part, and it'll give me something to muse on throughout the hectic pace of this time of the year.

I don't think it'll be quite as mad as what Alice encountered in either the original or recent version of her story, but it's sure to be somewhat silly!


Bonnie said...

I'd love to come to a "silly" tea party or possibly even a "mad" one, at that.
That was an exceptional Posman window display.

sandy said...

Can I come?????????