18 November 2010


In the course of our week in London, it was Chocolate Week and Wool Week. How can you keep up with all these special weeks when they want to overlap each other? Well, you can eat a surfeit of Cadbury bars whilst cozying up in a nice woolen sweater, I suppose.

Savile Row, known all over the world for men's bespoke tailoring, got down to their roots during the Monday of our visit. They wanted to promote buying real British wool products, I think. This means that Bonnie and I had the luxury of seeing real live sheep without having to bus it to the countryside. Not that I don't like the English countryside, but you see there's only so much one can do with a week!

All we needed was a piglet to turn this into "Babe" (well, some singing mice might help):




The good shepherd,and his loyal napping sheepdogs:


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Bonnie said...

The sheep in the middle of Savile Row was AWESOME!!!
I love London :)