28 December 2012

Twinings: A Visit

This was not my first time at Twinings shop on the Strand.  It won't be my last, if I can help it.

Most of the time, when I encounter Twinings tea, it's in the grocery store, with rare exception in bagged form, and with a small variety on offer.  In my early tea buying days, this was the 'fancy' tea, since it looked kind of royal and was inevitably better than the Lipton or store brands.  Since then, I've discovered so many different and amazing brands and blends that I only once in a while buy Twinings, and that's usually one of those black tea variety packs for the office.  In my London visit, I also bought a bagged tea, but it was in a pretty tin and was Lavender Earl Grey, which I don't think I'd tried before.  It is nice, I'm glad to report.

The only loose tea I'd seen previously in Twinings was the occasional tin that surprised me in Trade Fair or even Key Food, but it is never a constant.  I'm glad to see that London's shop has a decent variety of loose teas, and a tasting table!

The Lavender and Rose teas blends are proudly displayed to your right as you enter...you can also pick up individual tea bags to make your own little sampler.

The shop is also a museum of sorts.  Twinings is rightly proud of their history.  Oh the many types of tins and teapots!  I'm gorgeous-ed out.
Cats and tea..forever together.
This teapot is kind of funny: early gift captioning I guess.  It kind of reminds me of when Dwight from the Office gives Michael a Jersey with 'From Dwight' on the back. 
Stuff I could use in my tea lovers' collection.
Try some First Flush Darjeeling!  Mark was knowledgeable, and helpful.  He suggested I visit the Museum of London: yet another destination for my 'Next-Time' list!
Til next time!
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Rita said...

I've never seen a Twinings store. Looks like a wonderful place to browse! :)